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LMAO!!!! wow... This is what we have come to!

DJ Aliyo 10:00 PM - 25 October, 2007
just searching c/l lookin out for gigs and what not... and this is what i find...
DJ d.range 10:04 PM - 25 October, 2007
whats with the wristbands??
DJ Aliyo 10:08 PM - 25 October, 2007
i think it helps w/ beatmixing! lol
DJ Autograph 10:24 PM - 25 October, 2007
He can't be serious can he?
DJ d.range 10:44 PM - 25 October, 2007
i'm surprised he didn't mention how well he can use his fingers
Dj_KaGeN 11:32 PM - 25 October, 2007
give him a break he has a steady job at that place....
DJ C.A.P 12:06 AM - 26 October, 2007

someone should call haha
DJ Aliyo 12:57 AM - 26 October, 2007
He can't be serious can he?

the icing on the cake is here...

"I am not american so I have skills on how to treat women but just looking for nsa sex right now!!"
FunkyRob 1:19 AM - 26 October, 2007
So, what exactly were you doing looking through the M4W posts anyway????
DJ Aliyo 3:17 AM - 26 October, 2007
i had the keyword dj in the search field and i was clicking topics... i thought to myslef hmm, lemme click personals (not m4w genius... im not the new found homo dj!) and see what comes up! lol and viola!