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Security !!!!!!!!!!!

dirtbag filthy 5:20 PM - 25 October, 2007
this is the type of bouncer I need standing near me @ my friday night gig


dude cracks me up with his dialog
J_Static 6:33 PM - 25 October, 2007

my security
DJ Sniffles 8:36 PM - 25 October, 2007
Hahahaha thats dope. i want a trunk monkey
DJCheLu 9:02 PM - 25 October, 2007
hahaha thats hilarious, if any bouncer did that stuff over here they would be slapped with so many lawsuits its ridiculous.
DJ d.range 10:03 PM - 25 October, 2007
BONG BONG, DENGA DA DENGA DA DENG,BOOM thats the left elbow right there, i can also deliver BONG headbut out of nothing . . . he try to kill me so, i gotta to return him the favor . . . now i can stab him his own knife in the liver,stab in the liver...

this guy is hilarious