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photography - (beginner) studio portable lighting

ral 6:49 PM - 24 October, 2007
im lookin to get a beginner to intermediate PORTABLE lighting rig, backdrop, umbrella + lights (wireless flash somethin like that), on site printer. what can you recommend. beginner to intermediate vs the pro setup?? thx
Dj_KaGeN 7:50 PM - 24 October, 2007
you're going to field this question in a dj community???? you're brave.
ral 8:10 PM - 24 October, 2007
ha ha! this is OFF topic discussion anyway man. just incase. is pretty slow. got fast reply time.
a-swift 8:29 PM - 24 October, 2007
i'd figure out how much you have to spend and then go to B&H or somewhere like that online and get the baddest rig you can for the budget. they packaged deals are the only way to go if you have nothing in the way of studio lighting.

depending on what you'd be shooting, i'd really try to work in a package deal that includes a big ass softbox. umbrellas are nice for basic portraiture but you'll find them pretty limiting when you start shooting stuff other than peoples heads. a big ass softbox will give you all kinds of flexibility.
ral 8:41 PM - 24 October, 2007
thx aswift. i guess i need to attend a lighting class in ritzcamera! lol!
a-swift 9:07 PM - 24 October, 2007
well most of the guys that shoot with studio lights start off shooting people's heads. i started my professional photography career shooting cars. umbrellas typically dont work for shooting cars, at least not the way i was doing it.

since i could never afford decent lights, i always ended up shooting cars outside, which means there is a LOT of shit i wanted to do that i couldn't really pull off with natural light that is constantly changing.

if you're just shooting heads, you can probably ignore what i said. a softbox setup wont be cheap, especially since you'll need more power since the softbox disperses light so much more.
Big K 1:54 PM - 25 October, 2007
what will you be shooting and what style
ral 2:21 PM - 25 October, 2007
im thinking the same setup as picture people??? got no experience with portable studio though

im doin club photography d70/55mm 1.8/sb600 im all set