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Mixtrack Pro, no drivers?! :(

Serato DJ Intro
Numark Mixtrack Pro
Paddy Rick 1:14 PM - 2 December, 2011
Same Problem as he had:

Do I have to reinstall Windows? :/

Thx for help :)
Martin C 12:11 AM - 5 December, 2011
Hey Paddy Rick,

Just to clarify, what is happening exactly for you, does it show up with "hardware disconnected" message in Serato DJ Intro?

Are you able to see the Numark MixTrack Pro if you go to Control Panel>Sound. Does it show up in the list of devices you are able to select?
Paddy Rick 6:59 PM - 6 December, 2011
Hey Martin,

Yeah it does show "hardware disconnected", but it does show up in my system settings > sound, if you ment this.

I've read a lot about such problems and I have to reinstall my PC, the Mixtrack Pro, and even my American Audio VMS 4, is working fine on other PCs. :(

Thanks for help and such a quick response,
Paddy Rick

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Martin C 10:04 PM - 6 December, 2011
Is your VMS4 working ok? or is that having issues too?

When the Mixtrack Pro is connected, could you please go into the control panel again, then to "device manager".

Please look in Universal Serial Bus Controllers and you will find something called "USB composite device". There may be more than one of these so to help you identify which one is your Mixtrack Pro, disconnect the unit, then reconnect, it should then become clear as to which device it is in the list.

Once you have identified which USB composite device it is, right click and uninstall. You will then need to once again, disconnect and reconnect the unit. This will re-install the drivers.

Additional to that, ensure it is not selected as a sound device in your "Sounds and Audio Device Properties", for either Playback OR recording.

Let me know how you get on.
11:00 PM, 20 Dec 2011
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