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DJ Sniffles 5:37 AM - 23 October, 2007
HAHAHAHA Beat ya to it suckaz!!!!!
Fishr Pryce 6:19 AM - 23 October, 2007
Is this section going to be a Tombstonesque Lawless land? I sure hope so.
djnvs 6:20 AM - 23 October, 2007
Is this section going to be a Tombstonesque Lawless land where they wear assless chaps? I sure hope so.

DJ Sniffles 6:27 AM - 23 October, 2007
ummm lets find out

Fishr Pryce, your a piece of shit dj. You suck, ur an asshat. where do you live so i can come kick ur sorry ass

djnvs, your a piece of shit poster boy of microwaves, and your upper lip smells like shit. If i ever see you, i'm gonna smack you with a CV record

DJ Sniffles 6:28 AM - 23 October, 2007 lets wait and see
Fishr Pryce 6:29 AM - 23 October, 2007
Hahahahahahaha you faggy fag fagatron faggery fag-a-fag.
DJ Sniffles 6:31 AM - 23 October, 2007
B================D {}= <----Fishr Pryce

Kiss the tip
sixxx 6:32 AM - 23 October, 2007
hahaha. Trouble.
djnvs 6:37 AM - 23 October, 2007
this is an experiment... we're conducting research and gathering data sixxx
Matt G 6:38 AM - 23 October, 2007
DJ Sniffles, the rules are the same as before. So no, this is not a "break all the rules" area.
Matt G 6:40 AM - 23 October, 2007
Oh, and thread locked.