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is here someone from Prague???

rlaci 3:12 PM - 21 October, 2007
I'm new in Prague
someone please help me how the things are going here
DJ Sniffles 3:14 PM - 21 October, 2007
I wish I was...the girls out there. mmm
lvmez 11:10 PM - 21 October, 2007
damm sniffles, i was going to same say the same thing when i read the title. i've seen quite a few pornos with girls from prague, HOT!!can we visit you? and can you hook us up with some girls? lol.
rlaci 3:53 PM - 22 October, 2007
girls :)

I can't guarantee the girls, I only guarantee that the place where we go will be filled, with hot girls ;)
lvmez 6:32 PM - 22 October, 2007
lol. good enough. i'm in.
Nicky Blunt 10:11 AM - 23 October, 2007
yeah Im down for prague, been b4 wicked place!

Had maaad fun!!!

Always wanted to start a club there!!!!