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Mochipet - Mochipet vs. Spankrock [Daly City Records]

11:00 PM, 15 Oct 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
dj_soo 1:31 AM - 16 October, 2007
The original gets constant rotation for me - I'll definitely be playing this one...
Osiris 5:40 AM - 18 October, 2007
This is kinda ill... It's different and it's definitely got some flava. Might not appeal to a lot of other peeps though. I like it.
Daly City Records 8:15 PM - 24 October, 2007
Hey Ya'll thanks.. and if you are interested in more Mochipet Remixes you can download them here...



and some mixes by the mochiman...

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