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TM Juke - Come Away [Tru Thoughts]

5:00 AM, 9 Oct 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
TheDanceDJ 3:15 PM - 9 October, 2007
I like this a lot. Al Cowan did a great job with it, it's very catchy and Sophie Faricy has a fantastic voice. Can't wait to hear more from the two of them. Thanks.
JAMIN P 6:00 PM - 9 October, 2007
I like the beat and groove hope it will be a hot one ~.~
fusic 6:31 PM - 12 October, 2007
Another hit from TM Juke
DJ X2K 8:48 AM - 26 October, 2007
This is a nice tune, very impressed.

I do however seem to be having some problems with the file, I've downloaded it twice and both time I seem to get glitches around 2 thirds of the way through the track, has anyone else had this problem?
Marqs 4:30 PM - 27 October, 2007
Oh... This is DOPE! Very nice and groovy track... Well done TM Juke and Tru Thoughts!

However as DJ X2K mentioned, the file glitches at 6.22 and at 6.53... etc.

If we could get a glitchfree version, I'll spin it definitly!
dave 9:57 PM - 28 October, 2007
Thanks, we've taken it offline until we replace the source audio.
DJ X2K 2:03 PM - 30 October, 2007
nice one, I look forward to a working version - killer tune!