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Tiki - Tangaroa - God of the Sea (EP) [Tikidub]

1:40 PM, 5 Oct 2007
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Handmade Records 2:28 AM - 7 October, 2007
nice Tiki,
good to see this one up on here,

taku manoko e

Ma te wa

All @ Handmade records
Osiris 7:32 AM - 7 October, 2007
"Now This Is It" --Yeah, that track right there will mix nicely with lots of other shit. Not a bad track. Could easily be mistaken for a Neptune track though. Definitely has potential in the clubs.
concorde_pilot 3:42 PM - 10 October, 2007
now this is it is ok
nik39 11:36 PM - 15 October, 2007
Usually not my cup of tea, but the "Pots rmx" sounds good as well as the "Now This Is It" track. Sounds a bit UK'ish.
DeckGamez 1:18 PM - 12 February, 2008
awesome stuff, good to see NZ artists up on here...keep it up
kid90nz 4:32 AM - 2 July, 2008
Sambora's remix is the ONE! Taking the original to another level. More from Tikidub, please.
Dj Maj 3:54 AM - 5 April, 2010
now i like this