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Place for Turntable repair in San Francisco

Stevie 2:45 AM - 19 September, 2007
Hello Bay Area folks!

I'm in Hayward and need a place in the San Francisco - Bay Area to repair the rca cables for my 1210. Basically one channel is gone and need to get it replaced. Please help!

djpuma_gemini 3:36 AM - 19 September, 2007
I would hit up the forums on here. I can do it but I am in SoCal.
Try to hit up people in the bay area for some help. Be polite and they might be able to help you without spending a fortune.
skratchnerd 3:50 AM - 19 September, 2007
World of Stereo on market does em
Djbran 4:20 AM - 19 September, 2007
while waiting go chill at crazyhorse and drop a dolla
appleseed 4:43 AM - 19 September, 2007
got mine done at b-side record shop in berkeley. they installed monster cables for me. they got it done in less than one week for definitely a good price. check 'em out.
andrew b 3:34 PM - 19 September, 2007
i can do it for you just give me 20 bucks. and supply the cable.
andrew b 3:34 PM - 19 September, 2007
pm me
Stevie 4:12 PM - 19 September, 2007
djpuma_gemini: Dude can u drive over and fix it for me? Pretty please =)

skratchnerd: ill hit them up and see how much

Djbran: I would but they got some ugly ass freaks working in the daytime though =)

appleseed: how much did it cost you .. if you dont mind me askin.

andrew b: yo! saw u briefly at Rouge .. u rock! u'll be my last option =)

I was also looking at this: Anyone have any DIY links?

andrew b 5:12 PM - 19 September, 2007
its totally easy. the hardest part is taking out all the screws. just pay attention where the screws go, and you just solder a new one on.
andrew b 5:16 PM - 19 September, 2007

andrew b: yo! saw u briefly at Rouge .. u rock! u'll be my last option =)


DJMark 7:15 PM - 19 September, 2007
I second the recommendation to take them to World of Stereo (Market near Jones).
djpuma_gemini 7:35 PM - 19 September, 2007
I bought some Hosas and Cut them in half.
They are a little thick for the installation, but they work awesome. Here is a link on how to do it.
On pic 3 where it shows the rca looped under the pcb, mine were too fat to fit under and they were already laying on top of it. So i just used a zip tie to hold it down and used the plastic clip on pic 2 to keep the tension off of the rcas solder joints.
It was farely easy, only hard part was stripping back the rcas to expose both wires and the rest was pretty easy. I still have to do my other one.

If you need anymore advice or what other parts you need just hit me up.
DJDLO 415 8:20 PM - 19 September, 2007
i can do it for you just give me 20 bucks. and supply the cable.

yea B can do it....Ajaxx is gonna do mine.....he has done everyones around here.....

btw that reminds me i need to drop mine off to him im getting monster cables and internal gournds YESSS!!!
Stevie 8:32 PM - 19 September, 2007
djpuma_gemini: bro can u resend the link? didn't go through .. thanks again. I'm researching it and hopefully do it myself.

Eliminating the internal ground sounds good too!
Audio1 8:38 PM - 19 September, 2007
Yea, Get them to DJ Ajaxxx. holla at him via myspace

Hes about to redo my decks completely. Internal Grounding, New RCA, Tonearms, The works.
djpuma_gemini 8:42 PM - 19 September, 2007
(no logout)
Stevie 9:03 PM - 19 September, 2007
Thanks fellas for the different options. I think I'll go with this as my first option: .

I'm going to open up the bottom of my TT and look around to get a good idea. If I fuck it up then I'll take it to Ajaxx =)
a DJ 12:39 AM - 12 July, 2010
Does World of Stereo do the repair in the store for you? I met someone who worked at the one in Petaluma but I wanna go to the one in SF. I dont trust em though lol. They're hella cool but I wouldnt never trust em with my tables