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hw do I get my mixer repaired?need help fast

DJ.T.BOOGIE 3:30 PM - 22 September, 2011
So I was djin homecoming game for P.A.L and the wind got pretty strong!! almost blew away my canopy and as I caught the tent my my macbook pro blew onto my ttm57 where I caught it before it hit the ground!!So now my aux is bent and joystick 2 broke AND my mini headphone jack broke cause i stepped on the cord trying to save the laptop! how do i get this fixed ?
Rane, Support
Shaun W 9:19 PM - 22 September, 2011
To send the unit in for repair you will need to be issued an RA# (return authorization number). To request an RA, please e-mail me your serial number, full name, shipping address and telephone number.

Once we receive the unit, our turnaround time is typically 3-4 days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Rane contact -->> :)
DJ.T.BOOGIE 4:43 PM - 23 September, 2011
ok thanks
will do
Rane, Support
Shaun W 6:41 PM - 23 September, 2011
Got it and sent a reply :)
DJ.T.BOOGIE 10:14 PM - 23 September, 2011
got it, thanks. looking at shipping monday. can they check crossfader out too ?mixing seems to be kinda off
Rane, Support
Shaun W 4:47 PM - 27 September, 2011
No problem. I made a note on your RA :)
DJ.T.BOOGIE 12:46 AM - 4 October, 2011
thanks.. just sent it today.will be there wednesday (hopefully) :)
Rane, Support
Shaun W 4:26 PM - 4 October, 2011
Awesome, we'll keep lookout!
DJ.T.BOOGIE 8:34 PM - 8 October, 2011
so you guys are closed today....i'm soo sad .Thanks for the fast service.was tryin'to call Kelly...i guess Monday it is sux..thts Columbus Day :)