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Purple Crush - Vacation [Crushed Records]

4:30 AM, 14 Sep 2007
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Kool DJ Sheak One 12:24 AM - 17 September, 2007
I'm hearing a bunch of familiar drum loops. Some Gaz, some Cybotron.
Catchy tune, catchy hook. Where is that midtempo version?A much better one IMO.
The whole hipster, electro, epileptic sweater crowd is a bit much for me. The tune is alright, but the vibe is a little too narcissistic.
Are they from Brooklyn or Cerritos?
ShaneC 4:28 PM - 18 September, 2007
I'm really not feeling this track. The best thing about it is the cover on the track info. This ain't house. This gives a bad name to house. There's no drive behind it. Instantly forgettable. Badly mastered.
I'm listening to it on rubbish headphones which is a solid test for a track. Any decent track can hold it's ground even with the worst headphone - the rest just fall.
It's got some depressing vibe going on and I wouldn't even play this before the club opened.
sakis256 1:31 PM - 26 October, 2007
it's not so bad, but for the club is a house version needed.