Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Infinite scrolling in crates

DJSantero 2:12 PM - 31 August, 2007
When you have your tracks BPM'd up, it would be very handy if when you reached your top BPM (eg 140) it looped back round to your bottom one automatically on the screen (eg 70). This may not work if people have tracks bpm'd at 160 at the top end and then 72 at the bottom I suppose, but its annoying in big crates when you have to keep scrolling way back up and down.
Konix 2:18 PM - 31 August, 2007
Me likey.
cappinkirk 6:17 PM - 4 September, 2007
+a billion

its silly that it has "ends" it should go around
J.J. 8:35 PM - 4 September, 2007
Can't you just use the Home or End button?

I usually just use the Page Up or Page Down buttons to get around.
DJ Prinvale` 11:03 PM - 4 September, 2007
not a bad idea.
cappinkirk 11:43 PM - 4 September, 2007
ehh...that doesn't satisfy me.
cappinkirk 11:44 PM - 4 September, 2007
maybe it works for most people but on my 12" powerbook i would have to alt + arrow so i prefer it to just go around. I don't like using key commands live in the dark.
Glenn Ghoul 6:18 PM - 13 August, 2019
This is still a great idea, and still not a thing.

Page up/down is Fn+ up/down on a mac (kind of a popular computer) which requires both hands unless you have a crazy wingspan.

70 BPM mixes into 140 BPM but there's still no way to get Serato to treat the numbers like they're in any way related. Sort by BPM and they run away from each other, it's a bit silly.