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how to sort files by resolution

DJ Scorpion 6:24 PM - 8 August, 2011
hi there,

i'm looking to sort my entire library by the resolution of the videos (10.000+).
what would be the easiest way to do this?

i somehow am not able to make the resolution of the files show up in the mac finder. that would have been the ideal way for me since i can then sort & move files around very quickly.

any thoughts on this?

thx in advance,
carter 1:24 AM - 9 August, 2011
I'm not aware of any simple way to pull the codec info like frame size and apply it in a tag. If that were the case you could really apply that to any aspect like frame rate or key frame spacing as well.
Once you have a way to pull that info easily, meaning not going through each file and pulling info (cmd+i), you could apply it across the board with tagging software.
Good question though.
jbnyc 3:25 AM - 9 August, 2011
+1 sometimes i have 3 or 4 videos from different resources and i dont know which one to keep, i have to play all of them or cmd i on each one of them :s it would be a great feature (IF it doesnt exist yet)
DJ Scorpion 9:02 AM - 9 August, 2011
dammn ... on windows there's a option to show the resolution in the explorer, but somehow the explorer does not regognize my id3tags ... once somebody knows how to to this, this would be a workaround for those of us having also pcs, not only macs.
Jimbo 12:34 AM - 10 August, 2011
i've done this in the past when i re-encoded my whole library so that everything was either 640x480 or 640x360 instead of 720x480. what i did was use "smart folders". basically just create a new smart folder (it's under "file") and select the parameters "pixel height" and "pixel width". this will allow you to filter through all your videos, regardless of what folders they are in, by their resolution. you should google "smart folders" for some great tutorials on how to do this, if you need more clarification.
carter 2:24 AM - 10 August, 2011
Jimbo that's a good idea too. Can you send that smart folder to a tag editor and add that information to a tag field, like comments?
For example, you create a smart folder for 640x360 files. Can you then take that list of videos, send them to a tag editor, and multi-edit those?
jbnyc 3:23 AM - 10 August, 2011
great idea!!
Jimbo 7:30 PM - 10 August, 2011
i'm pretty sure you could! although my experience with tag editors outside of itunes is pretty limited.
DJ Scorpion 5:36 PM - 11 August, 2011
okay, so you're talking itunes now, right?

i'm not using it right now, but in order to get my library str8, i might go that way ...

i got one question though, the parameters "pixel height" and "pixel width" do not exist on my itunes version ... which version are you running jimbo?
Jimbo 5:57 PM - 11 August, 2011
i'm not talking about itunes... i was referring to "smart folders" from in Finder. sorry for the confusion.
Jimbo 5:59 PM - 11 August, 2011
correction: "smart folders" from the "FIles" tab inside Finder. mess around with that and you should get the results you are looking for.
Jimbo 6:00 PM - 11 August, 2011
i mean "File"
carter 12:31 AM - 12 August, 2011
Exactly what Jimbo this through finder. Create a New Smart Folder, on the right side of the screen there is a plus sign. Click that plus sign and use then follow the parameters to set it to screen width and height. Still not sure how to apply this in tags though...especially if you're using iTunes to sort your music and videos.
DJ Scorpion 2:49 PM - 12 August, 2011
Thx guys ... I'll give it a try.
djpuma_gemini 2:54 PM - 12 August, 2011
Why is this important?
carter 5:34 PM - 12 August, 2011
Why is this important?

If you're able to tag your videos and sort by frame size, you'd know which videos were 640x360, 640x480, 720x480, or some other combination. Would also allow you to sort by HD vs SD.
djpuma_gemini 5:45 PM - 12 August, 2011
Why have different versions.

yeah I understand 640x480 vs 640x360, but if you have vids that are 720x480 and not the correct par they will look wrong, but if the par is correct it will look just like a 640x480 video.
if you have multiple versions just delete the lower quality ones.