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cappinkirk 2:06 PM - 20 August, 2007
i have a 1.5 GHz powerbook, 1.25 (max RAM)

when recording i get digital buzz sounds when I load a track sometimes. I assume that it is from some bottleneck of processor ability. Is there any good way to diagnose the problem?

Is anyone else having this problem?

When I load a track to a deck while recording it will stall for a few hundred milliseconds by making a digital bzzzxxxzzrb noise which is audible on the recording and to the audience.

As a result I don't do much live recording but I would love to fix this if possible.
cappinkirk 7:14 AM - 27 November, 2007
it sounds like a robot farting
DJ Cykophuk 6:43 PM - 28 November, 2007
Have you tried a different usb jack?
cappinkirk 3:42 PM - 29 November, 2007
cappinkirk 3:42 PM - 29 November, 2007
tried different ports & cords (not sure what jack means)
cappinkirk 3:43 PM - 29 November, 2007
tried different ports & cords (not sure what jack means)

unless you're calling me jack
DJ Cykophuk 4:11 PM - 29 November, 2007
I don't know jack...but I get a similar sound from my PC through my sound card. I'm assuming that something in the USB path is picking up "crosstalk" from an internal device. Sounds like the processor...which is supported by your statement of the timing of the event ie: processor intensive moments. I'm just guessing. One of the many reason why my PC has been banished from my sets...I just hate fkn with that thing when I could be doing something creative, rather than something technical. /rant