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Why name all songs 1 Artist & Title?

DJDynasty 1:32 PM - 20 August, 2007
I've had this happen to me more times than I care to experience.
Loaded a bunch of new songs into SSl.
Highlght all these tracks and drag into build overviews.
Double Click back on one of the tracks and walla, all your tags will quickly be named the same artist and title.
What a nuicance when this happens being that the tags now have all the same name even if you re-import them the tags will be as the same, all one name.
Leaving the dreaded task of ctrl/r each tag to see the file name and renaming each and every tag in SSL again.
I am the last one to promote unnnecessay prompts but..........
PLEASE my suggestion is an option that can be turned on and off for the users prefference to prmpt the SSL user, "Do You Want to rename all of these tracks" "yes" or "no"
Ive had this happen to me with over 1000 songs after I dragged them in to build overviews, What A Nightmare!
cappinkirk 4:51 PM - 20 August, 2007
cappinkirk 4:54 PM - 20 August, 2007
J.J. 5:59 PM - 20 August, 2007
Simple, an Undo for Track Tag edits would be nice.

To rename, don't use Ctrl+R. Just add a File Name option (Like BPM, Artist, Comment) in Serato and drag it next to Artist/Title. Then start renaming.

I love that you can edit multiple songs in Serato now. However, I do see the danger it can be if you make a mistake.
DJ_X_Trodinaire 6:02 PM - 20 August, 2007
never seen this happen to me?

got any screen shots?
cappinkirk 6:11 PM - 20 August, 2007
well you can do it yourself just select all and accidentally rename one song title and put on the popcorn & watch the fun.

really song title is the only thing I would like to restrict multiple renames of.
cappinkirk 6:14 PM - 20 August, 2007
pretend you have 1000 songs mis-titled "Beat It" but actually they are all different songs but you renamed them all as "Beat It" (with 1 song actually called "Beat It" with the correct title).

now you understand how much fun this can be. maybe if you think your djing is too easy and you like solving mysteries this could be entertaining for you.