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serato decals

dj devious chicago 3:17 AM - 21 July, 2011
anybody knpw where or how i can get some extra scratchlive decal i got the ones i bought with my sl1 but would like some to put on my freight cases and lights...
DjPolarCa 4:33 AM - 21 July, 2011

is where i got mine
DJYoshi 4:41 AM - 21 July, 2011
hit Dean Standing at Rane
Dj Mike P. 5:09 AM - 21 July, 2011
Check your local record shop.
2Seven 8:37 AM - 21 July, 2011
dj devious chicago 3:54 AM - 11 August, 2011
hit Dean Standing at Rane