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The Sl3 driver

Scratch Live
Rane SL3
Windows 7 (64 bit)
DWayneT 3:56 PM - 13 July, 2011
Product: scratchlive
Version: 2.2.2
Hardware: scratchlive-sl3
Computer: pc
OS Version: win764

The Sl3 will not connect to my computer because It says I dont have the correct driver. Can you assist me on how and where i can get the driver from
Konix 4:00 PM - 13 July, 2011
Start > All Programs > Serato > Scratch Live > Update Drivers
RafaelM 6:04 PM - 13 July, 2011
Do not run the 2.2.2. version unless you own an SL2 or SL4.

Go back to 2.2.0

Try what Konix suggested with the ScratchLIVE program closed and the SL3 connected.
DWayneT 2:52 AM - 18 July, 2011
Why should I run 2.2.0 for the sl3 and 2.2.2 for the sl2 and Sl4 ?
DWayneT 2:57 AM - 18 July, 2011
I have a mixer with only one output. I use that one output to play the music through my speakers, but to record I have to plug that one output from my mixer into the aux slots on the Sl3 inhibiting me from being able to hear what I am playing . How can I use the one output on my mixer to to play through my speakers and record through the aux slots on the Sl3 ?
RafaelM 6:32 PM - 31 October, 2011
For some reason this thread went under the radar as fixed.

Did you still have a question?
8:00 PM, 14 Nov 2011
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