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Wayne Wonder - Again [VP Records]

12:00 AM, 26 Sep 2007
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dj disturbed 8:14 AM - 26 September, 2007
I have liked what i have heard from WayneWonder in the past and this track still does not dissapoint me. Nice track with a good feel to it. I like the flow of it.
qim 9:55 AM - 26 September, 2007
I hear it, ilike it. Nice track, with a chill style.
Zeal303 11:05 AM - 28 September, 2007
it's just that the lyrics are nothing short from a comedy: "you're beautifull to me, but you're even more beautifull with your clothes off"..

Anyway, nice song, will play it but the music in the past from mr Wonder was better..
Mr No 7:58 AM - 1 October, 2007
Nice enough track, (if a little plain) but is it me or does every track have to use auto tune now?
DJ Dynamight 2:55 AM - 3 October, 2007
Wayne Wonder is a consistent artist, been in the game a long time. this tune is decent, and the Cherine and Chuck Fender tune on this riddim "Coming Over Tonight" is a good companion to mix with it.
DJ Smooth B. 10:16 PM - 9 October, 2007
the ladies gettin hot on this