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Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow [Dim Mak Records]

10:43 PM, 22 Aug 2007
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nik39 12:09 PM - 23 August, 2007
Not my genre, but this sounds good+powerfull.
DJ 3pm 3:03 PM - 23 August, 2007
agree. i would love the instrumental to this. for some reason i can picture a 50 Cent remix on this track, like Ayo Technology or something.
DJChadG 6:54 PM - 26 August, 2007
Good track.

It's at its best in the beginning - even more so at :43 seconds when the synth kicks in. Afterwards, it gets too busy and screechy. It sounds like they were trying to incorporate every riff they had and forgetting about the groove of the song.

Still, definitely useable.
Jafvert 9:02 AM - 7 September, 2007
After hearing this one I listned to the original and there is no comparison, this one is good, the original is not my style at all.

Really nice groove by 0.43 but as the previous poster pointed out the whole song seems a bit compartmentalized (3 parts, precussion in the start, then 'all in' with most of the riffs and very melodic at the end with the strings and rythmic melody).

I've put it together with Uffie's 'prelude' in "Justice - The Party" for a nice bang.
tek 5:36 AM - 11 September, 2007
played it at a set 3 days ago. People were feeling it. Its a nice track. Will leave it on the rotation as a bridge song. I also think the son is too compartmentalized. A remix would be nice.