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KLR 2:53 AM - 2 July, 2011
I was thinking about buying the Behringer DJX900 and I already have Serato SL-3,. I was just wondering if the two together would be compatiable?
ninos 8:14 PM - 2 July, 2011
yup, your good to go with that mixer and sl3 combo!
KLR 2:11 AM - 9 October, 2017
thanks for the response. so i would ned to buy an SL-3 interface to connect everything?
KLR 2:14 AM - 9 October, 2017
My bad bro. I just saw what you responded to. I ended up buying a race 68 mixer. now I plan to buy two media players. buy wondering if I will need a powered usb hub?