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Money B - Solid [Mandatory Muzic]

10:38 PM, 6 Aug 2007
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DJ Prinvale` 3:04 AM - 10 August, 2007
dope instrumental
dj_soo 8:31 AM - 10 August, 2007
good to see money b still making tracks.

not really my style tho...
concorde_pilot 8:55 PM - 15 August, 2007
nice as well
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:44 PM - 15 August, 2007
Money B sounds old!
Why must these returning Mc's all feel like they need to jump on the tired-ass gangsta wagon? Money B was a smooth talkin rapper, not some "Streets is rough, I'll beat yo ass" shit.
Lyrics are barely passable. And the beat sounds like a throw a way from the guy who eats like a gordo. Where is the return of Digital Underground?