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The Green Man feat. MCs Dragoon & Chevy - Easy [Basswerk]

10:42 PM, 1 Aug 2007
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Kool DJ Sheak One 11:37 PM - 16 August, 2007
What is this short version?
I need my drum and bass tracks to breathe!
Remember not too long ago when each dubplate had one track on each side?
I need to have that breathing room when rinsing out the massive dancehall!
More versions of this choon, I know more and better ones exist.
They must be given to me now! :)
paulie 8:36 PM - 11 October, 2008
Nice 1 Sheak, agreed there.
Gunta Kinte 12:48 PM - 17 March, 2009
Okay I know the Full Version VERY Good.
its a huge anthem in my area...THE Short Version is absolute bad Promotion for that track....cause it misses the tempodrop. :-( :-( ;-(

check the greenmans myspace.... he is a real creative producer!

but i understand he is givin just the half of his gem away for free....just buy the full version anywhere....
DJ GOOK 8:14 PM - 18 April, 2009
its aiight
The Despicable Nyan Cat 9:45 PM - 21 March, 2015
This is good dnb
Leafie 11:27 PM - 31 March, 2015
I didn't even look at the title or play.

FFS. W H Y A R E Y O U S T I L L P U T T I N G O U T T U N E S ON MP3? I T ' S 2 0 1 5 FFS.