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57 Soft Case ?

AdamJay 8:18 AM - 29 June, 2007
is this my only option: ?

im not finding much else...
nobspangle 2:35 PM - 29 June, 2007
swavek 3:21 PM - 29 June, 2007
there's also this (which is what I use, when I don't use Creator):
Niro 5:18 PM - 29 June, 2007
I believe pro sound has soft mixer cases for $15.

AdamJay 5:19 PM - 29 June, 2007
anyone get away using the rolling Odyssey BSHUTTLEW for a 57, a backup SL1 box, laptop, psu's, cables, headphones, mid sized CD book, and 5 or 6 records?

I may just move away from my Swiss Army bag which holds all that stuff EXCEPT the 57, and put everything in one bag.

DJ AVENUE 6:36 PM - 29 June, 2007
That bsuttlew sucks not even one year or 6months and it's all ripped up..
AdamJay 6:53 PM - 29 June, 2007
good to know Avenue...
im going with this:

a little long, but the price is right and the padding is good.
DJ Smooth B. 7:29 PM - 29 June, 2007
This Bag is the shit:
Click the picture for more details.

It developed for Serato-Users. It fits for my TTM57SL + SSL, Headphone, Mic, Needles, about 15 Records and of course my laptop and there is enough space for a lot of other shit. Oh and built in ultrabright LED and a rain-suit.
DJ Smooth B. 7:31 PM - 29 June, 2007
I promise, the quality is outstanding and responsable for the price. In a club i saw a girl DANCING on my bag with all my shit in, but nothing happened
AdamJay 9:21 PM - 29 June, 2007
im sure it is, i like wheels if im gonna have ALL my stuff in one bag though.

but, i did find a free solution to my problem:
this older model M-Audio bag (some actually say "Midiman" on them)

free because my girlfriend bought me one 4 years ago, i used it on one tour to transport my Roland JP-8080 synth and never used it again... i dug it out of the basement today and it fits the TTM57SL perfectly!
AdamJay 9:26 PM - 29 June, 2007
i forgot to mention that 4 years ago i cut the center divider out of that m-audio bag... otherwise i doubt you could fit the 57 in one of the 2 compartments.
Kenny Q 5:42 AM - 30 June, 2007
This Bag is the shit:
Click the picture for more details.


The UDG backpack is great but too heavy.
I have the Jansport "Exchange" backpack.

Just as big and sturdy but lightweight and cost less.
Niro 4:57 PM - 1 July, 2007
The use the shuttle bag and put everything in there, lappy, 57, cooler. The key is you have to make a cushion divider for the 57, so all the knobs aren't compressed. The nice thing is that it rolls and fits in overhead compartments on planes. The bad thing is the quality sucks, I had to duck tape the bag handle after about 4 months. but other than that it's holding up, about 3 gigs a week and it's been on about 10 plane trips. It's definitely worth it for the rollers, the UDG backpack would just be way too heavy with everything in it.

rap_50 4:37 AM - 8 July, 2007
how about this bag guys
djStranger 10:25 PM - 18 July, 2007
cappinkirk 7:32 PM - 30 August, 2007
the ortofon bag has a soft case bag inside I used to put mine in...until i got the rane hard "CALZONE" case. Here is a pic:

the little bag behind the main one holds a 57.

it is dope but BEWARE! the sewing on the bottom of the bag that holds the arms on has a tendency to give out after a little wear and tear and I advise your mom or somebody that knows how to sew to reinforce the arms with some stitching. It is a dope bag so it is worth it.
cappinkirk 7:33 PM - 30 August, 2007
btw the little bag fits inside the big bag very easily (with the mixer inside)
AdamJay 6:27 AM - 31 August, 2007
yea i got one of those bags at GC for $55. its exactly the bag i was looking for, holds everything plus the 57.
great bag, and i hear you on the latch arm stitches on the bottom, 1 of the 2 digibags GC had on the floor had a latch arm missing.
AdamJay 6:30 AM - 31 August, 2007
oh and you can see a review i did of the ortofon digibag here:

click on "read 1 review" on the product page
DJ Mymo 1:33 PM - 22 September, 2007
i'm looking a bag can fit my 57, laptop, cables and sometimes i'll bring my serato instead of 57 when the club hv the rotary mixer, so i don't hv to bring my 57. any suggestion if i'm not too prefer backpack?
AdamJay 5:19 PM - 22 September, 2007
Mymo, the ortofon digibag works as a shoulder bag as well... and quite well too.
DJ Mymo 12:01 PM - 23 September, 2007
hello adam, u mean the one with a big ortofon logo?
AdamJay 7:24 PM - 23 September, 2007
yes, Mymo. its the same one i linked to just a few posts up in this thread
AdamJay 7:25 PM - 23 September, 2007
its manufactured by Magma Bags
djX-daVet 4:52 PM - 26 September, 2007
SamAsh has a case for those who are on the mobile tip. Check this link:
djimada 12:54 PM - 27 September, 2007
Mymo, I have this video from another thread, watch the RCA cables have special storage in 10 sec and all the compartments can pull out to be a record bag.
DJ Mymo 3:58 PM - 28 September, 2007
DJ Imada, 69ep bag can't fit my 57. But i think still need one when carry my serato, the video shows it's very slim & handy for the cables. How much is it?
djimada 5:06 PM - 9 October, 2007
UD$255 dj bag with needle case. I just order one and waiting for their shipment. Actually you don't have to order from ebay mine is order direct from , just send them your order and u need a paypal account.