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ssd vs hd

Numark NS7
Windows 7 (64 bit)
DJ.Tyme 4:36 AM - 16 March, 2011
Product: itch
Version: 1.7.1
Hardware: numark-ns7
Computer: pc
OS Version: win764

im just curious if anybody has a new (SSD) solid state drive in there laptop that they dj with & if it makes a difference. i want to buy a new laptop for my but im wondering if its worth the $ to upgrade to a ssd hard drive ?
Dj Mend 8:14 AM - 16 March, 2011
Major difference between the two drives. Video below presents a performance between the SSD and the HD on a macbook pro.
DJ.Tyme 5:38 PM - 16 March, 2011
Yeah but do you dj with a laptop that has a ssd ? The video is kool but I wanna no of dj's who spent the $ on a ssd drive & saw a big difference
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 8:25 PM - 16 March, 2011
Hi DJ.Tyme.

Most internal hard drives are fast enough to handle normal audio playback, especially if you opt for 7200rpm drives for laptops.

The advantage of SSD is the speed. But this would only really come into play in a DJ sense when you are running video files. However, SSD drives are so small that you would very quickly run out of space and need to get an external drive, which then defeats the purpose of having the fast drive.

We've not seen much real world advantage yet with these drives. When the size of these drives goes over 500Gb then I assume this will change (although by then we may all be using higher quality/size files too, so it may be problematic).

So in summary, if you are DJing with MP3s or WAVs, go for a normal drive (try to get a 7200rpm if you can). If you are DJing with video - then be aware that you may find you run out of room very quickly with an SSD drive, and you may not even get any real advantage.
DJ.Tyme 1:19 AM - 17 March, 2011
thanx for the info i dont do the video thang so ima order my new lappy with these specs = 17'',windows 64bit,8gb of ram,500gb 7200 hard drive.
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 1:36 AM - 17 March, 2011
Excellent! That's a tank, you'll love it :D
2:00 AM, 31 Mar 2011
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