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mp3's & mp4's skipping

The Bridge
Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
DLF Entertainment 10:09 PM - 7 February, 2011
Product: thebridge
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.6.4

I am new to serato and have had some issues with my files. I came from Virtual DJ with pc but wanted to try mac with serato since alot of my friends said that the latency on serato was alot more accurate. I have found this to be true but I am having trouble with my mp3 and mp4 files. I have re ripped my music to have fresh mp3's, I have converted all videos to mp4's, I have turned off the airport, and settings on my mac, I am using a hardrive only for serato and mac, I am running serato 2.2. music seems to work great as well as the videos, the latency is good but occasionally the audio skips on both mp3's amd mp4's and it looks like there is a gap in the waveform when it skips. Any suggestions ?
Michael R 4:05 AM - 8 February, 2011
Hi DLF Entertainment,

If you're seeing gaps in the waveform then chances are that Scratch Live is not able to retrieve the audio/video data from your hard drive fast enough. Can you please tell me:

* What are the specs of your computer?
* Are your music and videos on an internal or external hard drive?
* If they're on an external drive, can you please tell me what connection type it is and whether it has an external power supply?
* Which Rane hardware are you using?
* What do you have the audio cache in Scratch Live set to? You can find this in the Display tab on the Setup screen.

DLF Entertainment 6:42 PM - 8 February, 2011
I am using Mac OS 10.6.4 with 4 gigs of ram, Rane TTM57SL, serato 2.2, all of my music and videos are on a 1TB Toshiba external hard drive via usb 2.0 with an external power supply, audio cache is set to 15. It is only doing this from time to time during a set but it is not always the video or song.

Michael R 1:19 AM - 9 February, 2011
Thanks for the info. The first thing I'd suggest is to increase your audio cache to the maximum - 60 seconds. This is how much audio Scratch Live buffers, so if the skipping is due to your hard drive then having a bigger cache may help you avoid this.

Also can you please tell me do you have your hard drive connected directly to a USB port on your computer or to a USB hub?
DLF Entertainment 7:56 PM - 9 February, 2011
I will try changing the cache, as far as the hard drive goes. I have the hard drive connected straight to the Mac and I always plug it to the same port. The hard drive is suppose to support Mac or Windows, however I rip my music and videos on a PC. Its my understanding that as long I am ripping the music and videos as mp3's and mp4's I shouldn't have any issues. Not sure if this info helps but I am using Audiograbber to rip music and DVD Shrink to rip my videos, all of my music comes off cd's and dvd's from Promo Only. I have checked for viruses on my PC just in case and nothing.

Michael R 10:28 PM - 9 February, 2011
Ok great, please let me know if increasing the cache helps. If not, we'll take a look at the drive and see if it could be the problem.

Thanks :)
DLF Entertainment 7:53 PM - 14 February, 2011
Ok so I tried increasing the cache and the same issue. In fact I have gone as far as swithching to a seagate hard drive and the same problem accurs. Any siggestions ?
djcrap 3:14 AM - 15 February, 2011
Ok so I tried increasing the cache and the same issue. In fact I have gone as far as swithching to a seagate hard drive and the same problem accurs. Any siggestions ?

try analyzing your files and build overviews
DLF Entertainment 3:33 PM - 15 February, 2011
I have analyzed all of my files, but I'm not really sure what you mean by build overviews. I'm almost temted to go back to pc, I'm wondering if maybe because my mp3 & mp4 files were used in windows perhaps that is why I'm having issues. However I did rip new mp4's and even then I still have issues on Mac and Serato.

djcrap 9:35 PM - 15 February, 2011
is there a way you can upload just 2 mp3 and 2 mp4 files which have gaps in them so that the modes at Serato can look at them
DLF Entertainment 9:59 PM - 15 February, 2011
Ok where do I send them ?
Michael R 10:01 PM - 15 February, 2011
Hey DLF Entertainment,

The fact that these files came from PC shouldn't be causing this issue :) Also no need to attach the files yet, we might need to get to that later.

I'm just getting together some more things for you to try, please hold tight! :)
Michael R 10:28 PM - 15 February, 2011
Ok, can I please get you to try the following:

* Click the Apple symbol in the top left hand corner of your screen and select System Preferences. Select Energy Saver and make sure that you have the "Put the hard disks(s) to sleep when possible" option unchecked.

* Try connecting your hard drive to a different USB port.

* Copy some video files to your internal hard drive and play with these for a while. Does the same issue happen with these files?
11:00 PM, 1 Mar 2011
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