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Converting vobs with Handbreak : Sometimes No Sound, or bad sound.

DJCarlos. 2:15 PM - 26 January, 2011
Hello all

I am kind of new on handbreak, but after browsing the forums i didnt get any results on this

1 - When converiting some vobs, into mp4, i get the mp4 with an audio distortion,
2 - or no sound -> The song witouht sound was an Avi file. But other Avi where converted ok..
Of course the original Vob when played sounds great.
Some others file where converted ok. I retried to convert those song but no changes appeared...
Any idea where this could come from?

Info on one of the tracks with sound too loud after conversion.
1536kbits - 2 stéréo 48khz

Audio Track 1 - Source 1 Unknown LPCM (2.0 ch) Audio Codec AAC - Miwdown stereo - sample rate 48 - bitrate 320 - DRC 0.0

The thing is that one other file having the same information after beeing converted is ok.

I have tested moving the DRC.. but no results.

How can i manage to get the sound ok?
Plus i am converting lots of files so i put them on the queue.. and after the end of the conversion i realize that this problem concerns only some files...
what to do, in order to be able to queu files, and that handbreak find the right solution for each song.

carter 7:15 PM - 26 January, 2011
No way to get around that in Handbrake...use Mpeg Streamclip or try to IVTC the vobs if you're on a PC. I've posted a walked through on Handbrake settings and MPEG settings, and Tecniq reposted those MPEG instructions as well. Search and you shall find...
Jimbo 9:20 PM - 26 January, 2011
first, it's called handbrake. just because you don't know how to use it does not mean it's broken. if you don't like it, use something else.

convert the .vob to an uncompressed .mov then use handbrake. that will fix your audio issue.
DJCarlos. 9:02 AM - 27 January, 2011
Hahaha, thanks guys
yes i typed to fast Handbrake.
For info i am using the serato presets for this.

@Carter, thanks I will look on that. I searched the forum but maybe not the right expression
@Jimbo i will try that too.

Maybe i didnt explain well, "too loud" is probably not the right word. Is more like a distorted sound.
I will give a try and i will come back with some feed back.

carter 10:07 PM - 27 January, 2011
DJ Tecniq 11:48 PM - 27 January, 2011
first, it's called handbrake. just because you don't know how to use it does not mean it's broken. if you don't like it, use something else.

convert the .vob to an uncompressed .mov then use handbrake. that will fix your audio issue.
screw doing all that work and just us mpegstreamclip just convert the vob to mp4 and boom! job done.
DjBoozie 1:48 PM - 28 January, 2011
^ +100000000000
DJCarlos. 11:46 PM - 28 January, 2011
Thanks for the links i got the settings for mpegstreamclip ;-)
I will give it a try tomorrow or monday.

thanks to all!
DJ Tecniq 10:25 PM - 29 January, 2011
Thanks for the links i got the settings for mpegstreamclip ;-)
I will give it a try tomorrow or monday.

thanks to all!
you will end up using mpegstreamclip no matter what. There are no sound issues with converting in mpegstreamclip it's no bullshit it just works flawlessly and you'll never get hangups when converting. Mpegstreamclip is the NEW handbrake :)
Jimbo 1:23 AM - 30 January, 2011
when did this become a competition? personally, i've had audio issues with streamclip in the past. even though i use it just as much as i use handbrake, it's nice to have options. not every program is perfect. it's best to investigate multiple programs and put each through their paces. for instance i've found that my promo only vobs look and sound better through handbrake, where as my progressive pal vobs come out better with streamclip. when i make edits, the best results come from compressor... there is no one magic program for everybody.

if streamclip takes care of all your needs, that's great! but investigating and figuring out how to use other programs is not "bullshit"... it's being proactive.
DJMark 1:28 AM - 30 January, 2011
Neither Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip can do proper IVTC.
DjBoozie 1:41 AM - 30 January, 2011
Neither Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip can do proper IVTC.

The man asked about conventing vob ur going to open a whole new IVTC's.. He has had issues with handbrake and we sugguested he use Mpeg streamclip..... this is how these threads get way off base.. Djcarlos Try the streamclip...if it doesn't work then come back and ask for another sugguestion
DJMark 1:50 PM - 30 January, 2011
I don't think IVTC is exactly "way off base" when we're talking about converting video files, unless you really don't care very much about what the video you're playing looks like.

I believe the reason Handbrake is probably screwing up audio on certain VOB's is because some VOB's contain multiple audio streams. I've seen other encoding software react badly when presented such files. MPEGStreamclip does offer an advantage there in being able to select which audio stream should be encoded. Best to use is a two-channel LPCM track, if available.
carter 6:53 PM - 30 January, 2011
If you're on a PC and have the time to do the IVTC method, it is the best for quality. It's time consuming, but the videos come out a lot cleaner. I was skeptical. But after toying with the settings and scripts, it just works.
That said, both Handbrake and MPEG have their advantages. I personally think that MPEG offers a more user friendly and easy to use interface for vjs that aren't overly concerned with degrading the quality further by deinterlacing PO videos. Handbrake is the next step up on the learning curve and has more features available by further adjusting the settings or by using the command line version. However, for your audio problems Mark is right on. You can select both the video and/or audio track in MPEG which gives it a little more advantage on getting both streams correct.
Orlando Gami 1:17 AM - 29 March, 2011
Ok First encode with handbrake, for the ones not working with handbrake use MPEG streamclip and if you feel you have all the time in the world to encode videos use IVTC.

I like handbrake because of the friendly userface, high audio encoding up to AAC 320kbps, the fastest preview for when you are cropping video and last but not least, the batch option. MPEG streamclip will encode the ones hanbrake cant but max bitrate is 224kbps (trust me, i can tell the difference between 320 and 224kbps in a video) and even sometimes MPEG will let u down and u will have to use the almighty SONY vegas, SONY vegas will encode any video you throw at it.

Long story short, dont get stuck in only one program, try different ones, it took me alot of research to be where im at right now, there is no video i cant encode the way i want it to be encoded, im somehow a perfectionist.

NOTE, Im writing some code trying to get rid of that little detail on handbrake, once that problem gets fixed it will be the best encoder ever lol.
carter 4:58 AM - 29 March, 2011
MPEG can write an AAC to the video stream in 320. You're just not using the correct settings. It also accepts any file you throw at it, and the preview loads really quickly for me. It only takes about 5 seconds to see what your crop settings need to be. You can also batch, just like Handbrake, and you can set exact frame sizes...unlike Handbrake. Handbrake frame sizing works off of the 16 base and so you will get off sized frames. The only way around that is to use the command line or to leave it at the size.
Jimbo 5:53 PM - 29 March, 2011
the new version of handbrake gui [Version 0.9.5 x86_64 (2011010300)] allows you to adjust the modulus at 16, 8, 4, and 2 without turning on the anamorphic option. this has been extremely helpful. basically it is now possible to create preset that locks the output to 640x360 instead of 640x352 or 640x368.
carter 3:47 AM - 30 March, 2011
Nice. I'll have to download it and give it a whirl. I have some presets already saved for it that I liked using.
DJCarlos. 1:37 PM - 1 April, 2011
first of all thanks for all the info, i am following this closely and giving a try to all software presented here.
i will download the new version of Handbrake.

@ethostream and the others (if they know)
Now you mention sony vegas, i am using this to create some videomix at home.

BUT i am probably doing something wrong because when i create the file, it plays fine audi and video. but when i loaded in serato it crashed videosl.
i tyied with some other remixes i made and the result was the same.

For the moment the solution i found is after creating the files with vegas, reconverting the mix with handbreak. and there i have no problem.

Have you experienced this? and how did you solved?
i saw in the forum that others where talking about this, but no solution was presented.
Maybe if you can share your settings in vegas i can compare it to mines.

I looked closely to the videomix created on vegas, and the ips frame rate was very important.. maybe this is crashing vsl. Weird thing is that i specify in vegas an ips frame rate of 27,9, but the files came out with much more (i dont recall the exact number...)

sorry i cannot be more precise as i am not in the computer with those files.

It is not a big problem, is just annoying to be force to reconvert the videomix again :-)
DJ Tecniq 3:46 AM - 27 April, 2011
Just wanted to update this. I've been using mpegstreamclip for converting my vob's when I export to mp4 i check other as the frame size (640 x 360) this method works best for me and I rarely ever have to crop a video with this frame size. Try it!