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GUI - switch "record" and "search" locations

cappinkirk 6:17 PM - 24 May, 2007
search and record need to switch places. I always have to mouse all the way over to the right search from the left side where you pick songs & requires too much effort (it's supposed to be fun, not work) why is the recording thing on the left? it needs to be out of the way! All the crates are on the left so the search should be there also. The recording needs to be on the right. Anybody with me on this? I'm sure left handed people love it (maybe there could be a right-left handed checkbox in preferences then)
cappinkirk 6:17 PM - 24 May, 2007
btw i'm right handed
nik39 9:59 PM - 24 May, 2007
cappinkirk 2:39 AM - 30 May, 2007
thanks nik39 I am aware of the shortkut and I still stand by my suggestion.