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everytime I open scratch live the software will start reading tags and freeze

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
DEEJAYSIRE 11:34 PM - 30 December, 2010
Product: scratchlive
Version: 2.1.1
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: pc
OS Version: vista64

Not sure why this is happening, please advise
DEEJAYSIRE 11:54 PM - 30 December, 2010
and I have 300 gigs of music so the process is taking 15 min before freezing
wukawuka 7:47 PM - 31 December, 2010
I also would like to know how to stop this in Windows. I did a gig and two other DJs had external drives. When they plugged in, SL froze on me and even played a song to the end while frozen. Had about two minutes of NO MUSIC. Embarassing!!
kennykickin 2:06 AM - 1 January, 2011
Similar issue. I scan all DL's for Virus and Norton says its all good. Got rid of some of the files that I suspected were make it freeze. Now it loads great, but when I go to analyze it kick me out.

I have a Mac Book Pro. 4gb ram....A lot of this mess started when I went to video sl. Before video it was golden!
HandsomeRobDJ 1:59 PM - 1 January, 2011
As far as the music files in Windows... and I know you guys hate it when I post this but once again- MY SYSTEMS RUNS LIKE NASCAR AND MY LAPTOP IS SO BASIC ITS RIDICULOUS.

1. Props to T-Quest for letting me know this early- one laptop dedicated to SSL stripped of all unnecessary programming
2. Windows XP
3. ALL music files formatted to mp3 format with the same constant bitrate.

People yell and scream (so to speak) at me for saying that again and again. But, it works like a charm for me and its free. SO BACK OFF! lol
The SMF 2:31 PM - 1 January, 2011
could be freezing due to reading a tag of a corrupt file

corrupt files can cause all sorts of problems, so get them out of serato
HandsomeRobDJ 3:28 PM - 1 January, 2011
SMF is right. Stuff like that is why I spend the extra time to format and tag all my files before I load them into Serato.
Zach S 6:23 PM - 3 January, 2011
Hello all,

It sounds like you may be running into the known issue of 2.1.1 crashing on mp4 or m4a files.

I would suggest downgrading to version 2.0 here -->

If your still having issues I would try rebuilding your databaseV2 file(s):

1. Completely quit SSL.
2. Click on the 'Start' menu in the lower left corner of your desktop.
3. Click on your 'My Music' folder (XP) or 'Music' folder (Vista).
4. Open the ScratchLIVE folder.
5. Rename the databaseV2 file to something like "corruptdatabaseV2".

Now open your external drive (if your using one).

6. Open up the _ScratchLIVE_ folder.
7. Rename the databaseV2 file in there as well.

Now re-open SSL.

If done correctly, you should see your tags getting re-written at the bottom of the screen.

Any luck?
DEEJAYSIRE 8:28 PM - 14 January, 2011
I think it was due to 2.1.1. I downgraded to 2.1.0 and have no problem but have not loaded any videos until this gets fixed. cant afford another embassing gig for this to happen
Zach S 8:33 PM - 14 January, 2011
The 2.2 version is now up for final release.
Try it out:)
9:00 PM, 28 Jan 2011
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