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CamTwist vs UStream Producer

DJ DisGrace 7:41 PM - 20 October, 2010
I have lots of experience using Camtwist. It is a CPU PIG! It gets the job done, but you still need to run Firefox to stream. When doing video, I do get quite a few USB dropouts and beachballs when searching for tracks though...

I've been playing around with UStream Producer (not Pro) and it seems like a great alternative. Haven't broadcast any video yet however.

Can anyone that has used both recommend one over the other. CPU usage? USB dropouts? etc...

I will definitely put both through the wringer, but any experienced advice would be a great heads up!
DJ SHY 7:57 PM - 20 October, 2010
camtwist is more of a GPU hog!... not sure about the firefox streaming as it works fine on safari for me....

the problem for me, and this could be due to my 13"mbp specs and integrated graphics, is when I start using PSD overlays and multiple webcams...etc...camtwist runs to a damn crawl...and sometimes i have to force quit the app to get it working...

I've tried ustream producer a few times and it seems to work well...only thing is, you lose all the "extras" that camtwist has..such as the overlays and stuff...

I will def. keep tryin ustream producer and report back...
DJ DisGrace 10:54 PM - 20 October, 2010
yea I have a feeling Producer will do better. I can do PIP which is all I really need at this point.

Thanks SHY
PopRoXxX 4:42 PM - 21 October, 2010
I prefer UStream Producer over Camtwist. Used both a lot and I ended up sticking with U.P. :)
Dj Nyce 12:41 AM - 22 October, 2010
i prefer Producer over Camtwist as well. i can't speak for resource usage, but it def has more features.
DJ DisGrace 4:58 PM - 22 October, 2010
Used Producer last night for 5 hrs, broadcasting my VSL feed along with a promo video loop, using airport. CPU usage was 70-100% depending on the video, but no drop outs or glitches or hang ups. I would say it's better than CamTwist as far a CPU load.

I did have video quality on low, as the club isn't wired for video, so only the internet stream was seeing the VSL output. Would be interesting to see how going fullscreen on high quality affects performance. I assume I'd have to go with Cat5 internet connection in that case.

Thanks for the input...

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