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sp6, hardware, fx wont open!!

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
DJ.T.BOOGIE 2:59 PM - 18 October, 2010
Product: scratchlive
Version: 2.0.1
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.5.8

about 2 or 3 hours into djin the party if i click any of these buttons they dont open screen like supposed to do!!its happened with version 2.0 but i wasnt worried cuz iwssnt really usin then now i have dj drops and know effects on mixer and scratchlive a bit better its a bother!!

i have the bridge but als wasnt open and thank god i wasnt recording.
but i couldnt hit my sample drops for the rest of night or built in fx!!

i have latest release of sl and vls installed (really dont use vls yet due to not converting my lib yet.
DJ.T.BOOGIE 3:28 PM - 18 October, 2010
im using 2.1.1. not 2.0.1 thts a glitch or error !! also i have 4gb of ram installed if that helps.mac intel osx10.5.8 using ttm57 vls is installed ,ableton 8.2 installed .
again every once in a while this happened in 2.0 versions before installing albeton so its a serato issue that happens every so often.
thursday was recording @ gig serato froze had to restart! during 4th hr(5 hr gig)
friday ran flawless (6hr gig)
sat during 3rd hr into gig i could not open nothin on left panel :hardware ,fx,recording,etc. i was about to hit my dj drop it didnt open so i clicked each button and nothing opened!
now on th rt side ..prepare,file,history all oped as it supposed to wtf!!
please help thanks
Rane, Support
RafaelM 7:26 PM - 18 October, 2010
These sound like issues that happen when the computer has been asleep or dormant for a while.

What type of internal HD does your computer have? Is it a WD Drive by any chance? Also - are you using an external HD? Do you completely restart ScratchLIVE and your computer right before you DJ? Do you have all your sleep settings set to Never for the computer and the drive?
DJ.T.BOOGIE 9:16 PM - 18 October, 2010
hi , on the computer its set to never sleep al the music is on an external wd .i was djin' so the external shouldnt of went to sleep.... but maybe it did can i check that?
before i dj the computer gets fresh start then i open Scratchlive.Bluetooh off Wireless off Antivirus off f12 is off also
Rane, Support
RafaelM 9:18 PM - 18 October, 2010
The WD External HD might be the one causing the issue. See here:

Sleep settings are different for each drive - many drives come with a software that allows you to change the settings - but in your case I believe the issue is simply the WD drive....
DJ.T.BOOGIE 9:20 PM - 18 October, 2010
i have noticed that if i use internal mode to play a recorded set once i put needle on record i get studders in the sound so i keep lifting the needle up and down till it catches up with itself ..hehe its noticable though maybe someting is goin to sleep
DJ.T.BOOGIE 9:21 PM - 18 October, 2010
i wiil red tht link thanks.
DJ.T.BOOGIE 1:37 AM - 19 October, 2010
ok the innternal hd has never been changed. i read the link u posted but tht was for internal hd. dont see how an external hd could cuse windows in scratchlive not to open there anything else i can try? again thanks
Rane, Support
RafaelM 4:33 PM - 19 October, 2010
There are issues with WD drives in general - not just the internal HDs..

Have you tried not using the external - do you still get issues?
DJ.T.BOOGIE 10:05 AM - 21 October, 2010
so saturdays gig i left the sampler open all night and had no probs.. will look into gettin new hd. imy back up drive is a 2tb seagate will tht work better? again thanks for helping me with this
Rane, Support
RafaelM 3:52 PM - 21 October, 2010
It should work better - I would def. give it a try.

And no problem - we are here to help :)
DJ.T.BOOGIE 7:25 PM - 24 October, 2010
you were right on the money !!thanks that solved my problems.did friday with no problems on seagate (my back up).did saturday and after using a crate as a playlist for a while i caught the isplay tryin to disappear on me but after scrollin thru all and waking up wd hd it came back !lol.again thanks and we can close this topic :-)
Rane, Support
RafaelM 10:21 PM - 25 October, 2010
Nice - glad to see it works better!