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Track doesn't play from the beginning!

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
Ceasar K 3:37 PM - 30 January, 2007
Hi there..

I recently switched from FS 1 to Serato as i heard it was way more stable..

I ran v 1.6 which came with the hardware for a while..It was running smoothly..But i quickly updated to 1.7 which i got from your website cause i liked the new options..

But eversince i installed it, wether using vinyl or CD i keep getting this same exact problem:

The track doesn't play from the beginning whenever i map it and even if i put the needle back at the very beggining of the record or skip back on CDs it still starts from a position somewhere right in the midlle of the track.

Please help!

SpinThis! 4:00 PM - 30 January, 2007
There's a new option in Serato to "play from first cue point." Uncheck that in the setup screen.

If you ever need to jump to the beginning of a track, you can also use the temp cue—which will jump you to the beginning of a track.
Konix 4:19 PM - 30 January, 2007
Also, make sure your in Absolute mode, not Relative. No needle dropping in Relative mode.
Konix 4:21 PM - 30 January, 2007
And also check "play from start" option from the setup menu. This will ensure the song loads to the beginning when you drag a new song to the virtual players.
Ceasar K 8:06 PM - 4 February, 2007
Play from start resolved the issue..Thanks for the help guys!

I'm loving your online support..Keep it up!