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Urgently need to change my email address

Dj Black Vinyl 12:17 PM - 3 April, 2010
I urgently need to change my email address that I use to signon here. My gmail account was recently compromised, and I use that email address to signon here at ScratchLive. I have already updated my profile such that emails do not go to that compromised email account, so now I need to change my email address here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Eru G 9:32 PM - 5 April, 2010
Hi Dj Black Vinyl,

Could you please PM me with your old address and new address. We can continue the conversation there.

Dj Black Vinyl 9:47 PM - 5 April, 2010
Hi there Eru G,

PM sent ;-)
Dj Ace 1:17 AM - 29 April, 2010
I have the same problem i need to update mines also
Eru G 1:19 AM - 29 April, 2010
Hi Dj Ace,

You can update your email address via your profile page: (click)

Hope that helps :)
Dj Ace 2:07 AM - 29 April, 2010
Thanks worked liked a charm...I dont wanna miss/delay any beta invites
BASS_fabric 6:51 AM - 6 July, 2014
hi everyone,
i would like to ask if it's still possible to change the email address in my account?

thanks 4 response!

high 5 =)
Eru G 12:00 AM - 7 July, 2014
Hi BASS_fabric,

Please see this post:

You can update your email address via your profile page: (click)

Hope that helps :)

max_imus 3:57 PM - 7 December, 2015
I see no e-mail field on that page.
Eru G 11:33 PM - 7 December, 2015
I see no e-mail field on that page.

Sorry for that - the correct link is here:
max_imus_ 12:46 PM - 8 December, 2015
Thanks, that worked. However, something went badly wrong. I changed the e-mail, yet the login with old one still works. I would like to have that e-mail deleted completely from the system. Also, all of my forum trackings are gone, as are my products as far as I can tell.
max_imus_ 1:52 PM - 8 December, 2015
The way this has played out completely defeats the purpose of changing one's e-mail. I might as well have erased the old account and created a new one.
max_imus 2:31 PM - 8 December, 2015
OK, I understand what might have happened now. I have had account A with e-mail address a forever. Since I didn't know if and how it was possible to change e-mail before, I created a new account B with e-mail address b. However, only after having done this did I realize that it wouldn't be possible to transfer purchases to B. So what I did last night was first deactivate account B, and then change e-mail address in account A from a to b. However, this somehow seems to trigger a bug in that account B is reactivated, yet account A stays the way it was including original e-mail address a.

I'm gonna need someone of the team to help me sort this out please, if your system isn't technically capable of handling a situation like this then I need to move my account A to another e-mail c.
Eru G 6:51 PM - 8 December, 2015
Sorry for all the hassle chlyklass/max_imus,

Shoot me a PM with which account you want to remain active and I'll sort out transferring your purchases for you.

Andu014 4:43 PM - 12 June, 2017
same problem for me.
i tried to change the email address.
confirmation link received on the new address, i confirm it, yet the login with new mail doesn't work.
it works with the old mail though.
tried that 2-3 times, same result.