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the amazing disappearing crates

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
shorteeblitz 11:31 PM - 3 November, 2006
hey guys, ive had ssl for about a year now, i use version 1.6 (16108) i have a powerbook g4, (bought in jan 06)
everythings been fine, apart from when i was spinnin on tues, all my crates disappeared.
about 6 crates, i dunno how or why, or where they went, i didnt delete anything.
help!!! i got gigs 2moro, and im in asia next
Rane, Support
Zach S 8:53 PM - 8 November, 2006
Hello shortee,

It sounds like you need to re name your crates folder on the drive your files are playing from.

*Before starting these steps you will need to download Onyx here>>>.
Onyx allows you to see hidden folders on your external HD.
Once downloaded:
1. Open program and click on the 'parameters'.
2. Click on 'Finder'.
3. Check the 'show hidden files and folders' option in the misc. section.
4. Close Onyx.*

1. Make sure you have ALL your songs organized in crates before you
do anything or you will lose information and quite SSL.
2. Open up your external HD.
3. Open up the hidden Scratch Live folder.\
4. Re name your 'Crates' folder to 'Crates1' and close your external drive.
5. Open up Scratch Live and close it again.
6. Open up your external HD and hidden Scratch Live folder.
7. You will see the old 'Crates1' folder and a new 'Crates' folder.
8. Open up the old 'Crates1' folder and copy all the crates in that folder and close
the folder.
9. Open up the new 'Crates' folder and paste all the crates into that folder and close
you external HD.
10. Open Scratch Live again and you should see all of your crates.

Let us know how you get along.
If you need our help on this give us a call;)
DJ Steel 8:34 PM - 16 November, 2006
Thanks for this response Zach. I had this same issue and your fix worked! I even learned something else.. Like how the order.pref file keeps your crates arranged the way you like em.. For those reading this with the same issue, make sure you copy that file into your crates folder.. You Da Man Zach...
Rane, Support
Zach S 11:13 PM - 16 November, 2006
Right on Steel:)
2kind 1:52 PM - 19 November, 2006
I currently use my PC for all my downloading and then transfer my tracks to an external hardrive which I then hook up to my laptop, recently I tried to install i tunes onto my laptop and as a result I lost the content of all of my my crates, since then this has happened on three occassions.... Do I need to do the same as has been advised to shortee etc,