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i am switching from a PC laptop w/ external to Macbook pro w/external

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
Dj kommotion 5:44 PM - 16 December, 2009
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.9.2
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.5.2

The external mybook 1.5 terabyte system is Fat 32 so I can see the music using both laptops. I read through the forums and kept seeing konix's instructions on moving from external to internal on Mac. I changed the _scratchlive_ file name to just scratchlive, and the mac picked up all of my folders and crates. The files came up with a question mark. Rescanning for lost files is taking forever even in very small folders. When the items are rescanned, they turn white and lose their length info. When I restart the system, the items that were recognized have disappeared totally. Do you think this is a database problem? at what point should i make a new database file in this process? Just to clarify, I am not moving the music to the macbook, I am just trying to get the Mac to work with the same external. thanks
Dj kommotion 5:48 PM - 16 December, 2009
I may not have made it clear that I am switching from a PC to Macbook
Dj kommotion 6:13 PM - 16 December, 2009
Also, i am leaving my music on my external, just redirecting it from a PC to Mac
Konix 6:16 PM - 16 December, 2009
If you're not moving things from the external drive to the Macbook's internal drive, then you don't need my videos. In fact, you don't need to do anything at all. Just plug the drive in and go.
Rane, Support
Zach S 6:29 PM - 16 December, 2009
Konix is correct.
The crates and music will show up regardless of what computer your plugging your external into.
There is nothing else you need to do.
Dj kommotion 6:41 PM - 16 December, 2009
When I plug the external into the Macbook with Serato on, nothing happens. My crates and info only show up if I move the scratchlive folder into the computer. I just installed a fresh version of Serato with the Mac. Am I correct that I shouldnt close the program without it being plugged into the external in the beginning so it doesnt write new scrathlive folders? Are you saying that if I rename the _scratchLIVE_ folder scratchlive then the Mac should automatically recognize all my info off of the external? Am I not correct that Mac writes it as just scratchLIVE while PC uses the underscores _scratchlive_. If that is the case then how could my mac read the folders correctly? I assumed this was the problem.
Dj kommotion 6:49 PM - 16 December, 2009
My way seemed to work. I went back and located the lost files and they went from pink to white. When I reopened Serato all of the tracks that were located disappeared totally.
Konix 6:53 PM - 16 December, 2009
Scratch Live (the program) looks for the _ScratchLIVE_ folder on the external drive, this is where all your crates are stored (for songs on the external drive), regardless of Mac or PC. Really, you shouldn't have done anything with the folders originally. That's the point of using Scratch Live with external drives is you can plug the ext drive into any computer and all your crates will still show up. You may have messed things up more now by moving and renaming folders and relocating files, all that was really unnecessary.

PM me and I can probably fix it for you via remote desktop.
Dj kommotion 7:04 PM - 16 December, 2009
Cool I will...I was using my backup external and right now I am waiting for it to finish redownloading 3 large files. I erased the Scratchlive folders and my music folder in case anything had been damaged and I am putting them back on my backup from my main drive. When it finishes, I will check to see if the main drive I use is FAT32 and then plug it into the mac to see if Serato recognizes it as is. I will delete the Serato stuff in the music folder of the macbook and let it build new ones in the mean time.
DJ.T.BOOGIE 8:44 PM - 16 December, 2009
jus did the same think!! convert from pc w/xternal to mac w/ xternal!!.
when u plug ur external hd into ur mac ..check sharing properties.
if it says read and write u good to go .
if it says read only then it wont b able to save / update database cause it cant write to it.
which then u gotta format the hd and reinstall the music on it from ur back up
most newer hd's are now ready for pc and mac now.
hope this helps.
Dj kommotion 9:52 PM - 16 December, 2009
That may be the problem...the files were read only. I am still tranferring my files right now...when it is done im gonna try my newer 1.5 terabyte seagate
Dj kommotion 8:31 AM - 17 December, 2009
I plugged the Seagate in and it showed up! Thanks guys. So I guess we learned that older drives wont automatically show up if they are formatted for Mac or PC and u plug them in the opposite type of drive, but newer drives work automatically with both.