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SL1 Vs SL3.........................

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
RodSMFunk 3:14 AM - 14 December, 2009
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.9.2
Hardware: scratchlive-sl1
Computer: pc
OS Version: vistasp1

Ok....i want someone to tell me the REAL difference between the SL1 and the SL3. What can or does the SL3 have that the SL1 doesnt? Besides the added stuff that they state, whats the REAL big difference that makes the SL3 better then the SL1? Thanks in advance.
RafaelM 5:52 PM - 14 December, 2009
SL3: Record your DJ sets in 24-bit, Use CDJ and TT at the same time, USB 2.0 and Aux out for sample player volume.

Sl1: Does not record your DJ sets - records MIC or vinyl in 16-bit only, can only use CDJ or TTs not a combination of both, USB 1.1 and no Aux.
RodSMFunk 8:44 PM - 14 December, 2009 the main thing is the record option that would make people want to buy the SL3 it seems. And maybe the extra Aux outputs. So now i can safely say the SL1 will never have the record option added as a update correct? Because that might make people NOT buy the SL3. Thanks Rafael.
RafaelM 8:53 PM - 14 December, 2009
Yes the record option is a very popular feature of the SL3.

And yes the SL1 will never be able to record your DJ sets because of the way it was designed.
RodSMFunk 2:38 AM - 16 December, 2009
Ok...but both can only hook up one or the other ( CD players/turntables) at the same time right? Would be kool if there was 4 inputs on there. Instead of always having to unhook the tables to plug in the CD players.
RafaelM 4:35 PM - 16 December, 2009
With the SL3 you can use 1 CDJ and 1 TT at the same time if you would like.

With the SL1 you can only either use CDJs or TTs - not a combination of both.

With the TTM57SL you can connect 2 TTs and 2 CDJs at once and choose which ones you want to use without disconnecting anything.
8:52 PM, 14 Jan 2010
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8:52 PM, 14 Jan 2010
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8:53 PM, 14 Jan 2010
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Dj Farhan 8:53 PM - 14 January, 2010
just got the limited edition red sl3 ppl
RafaelM 12:49 AM - 19 January, 2010
Dj Farhan 3:28 AM - 5 February, 2010