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Rane 57 vs Rane 56

DJSOUP 4:28 PM - 15 November, 2009
Ok check this its time for a new mixer I currently own the rane black empath which by far the best i ever had. So my question is I have serato sl so thats why i was thinking about the rane 56s does it even compare to the rane 57sl i read that the 56 is the same as the 57 just without serato and the effect is that true. 56s or 57sl
Dj.Mojo 5:16 PM - 15 November, 2009
The faders are different afaik on the 56. The 56s though has the same non contact faders.
The biggest advantage for 57 is the use with video sl.
DJSOUP 2:15 AM - 16 November, 2009
so the 56s would be just as good as the 57
O.B.1 3:25 AM - 16 November, 2009
the cue buttons on the '57 come in handy (B1-B6) and P1-P2 for scrolling through tracks...
RubixDigitales 4:11 AM - 16 November, 2009
You have to remember that there are two models of the 56, one is the older TTM56 and the newer one is the TTM56S. I like the 56S better than the 56 because they got rid of all the annoying features of the 56 such as the upfader and crossfader 'modes' and the two knobs for crossfader curve, and simplified it in the 56S. The 56S is pretty much exactly the same as the 57 minus Serato, midi, and digital effects. Getting a 56S and using your SL-1 with it isn’t exactly the same as using the 57. The 57 also has midi controls which you can use to control pretty much every parameter in serato so you no longer have to touch your laptop any more. Having said that, you can also purchase a third party midi unit such as Korg nanoPAD, Akai MPD24, or Denon DN-HC1000S which will do the same thing. The effects on the 57 are a little bit of an after-thought , I find the digital effects a on the 57 little hard to use , so if you’re really into using effects I’d say go with a separate effect unit such pioneer EFX500/EFX1000 before choosing the 57 for this reason.

So basically:
[57SL] = [56S] + [SL-1 Box] + [nanoPAD ] + [efx500].

Having said that, if you get a 56S with a nanoPAD, SL-1 Box and an efx500 you’ll have a far superior rig compared to just the 57, it’s just the closest example with off-the-shelf hardware I can think of. Conversely you have to remember that space in a DJ booth is constrained, therefore fitting a SL-1 box, midi controller and an effects unit in addition to the mixer, turntables and laptop may not be ideal. One of the selling points of the 57 that the midi, SL-1, and EFX have been fitted a 12-inch wide mixer.

If effects and video aren't really your thing and you already own a SL-1, go for the 56S, you can always buy a midi controller layer if you so desire,
DJSOUP 1:48 AM - 17 November, 2009
so the 57 would b ideal for a mobile dj?
RubixDigitales 1:54 AM - 17 November, 2009
It's great for a mobile DJ as you can have your mixer and turntables/CDJs setup and ready to go in a gear coffin. When you turn up, all you need to do is open the coffin, plug in the 57 mixer to the amp and the laptop to the mixer (via a USB cable) and you're ready to go!
DJSOUP 2:29 AM - 17 November, 2009
i jus cant make a choice alittle more help where are the rane reps lol
DJSOUP 2:33 AM - 17 November, 2009
i want the 56s cause its cheaper and i already have sl1 iam not into video but effects are good when u beat matching and trans frm one to another
RubixDigitales 3:09 AM - 17 November, 2009
As I pointed out, I am not a huge fan of how the effects are laid out on the 57. If the onboard effects is the only thing which would make you go for the 57 over the 56S, I'd say go with the 56S and grab yourself an EFX-500 later. The 56S has the flexFX switch on each channel so its really straightforward to send audio an external effects unit. You can also control the amount of wet/dry of the effect on the mixer too. The 56S is a rock solid mixer which is really future compatible and will outlast you in regards to reliability. The beauty of the 56S is in its simplicity, it has everything you’d want and nothing you don’t with high quality parts to back it up. Considering that you already have the SL-1 box you're half way there anyway. If you really want midi support and effects these can always be added by external third party hardware later. Go with the 56S.
DJSOUP 3:12 AM - 17 November, 2009
u have the 57 would u trade it for the 56s
RubixDigitales 3:17 AM - 17 November, 2009
Well no because I do not own a SL1 or a SL3.... I needed a new mixer to upgrade from my now broken Vestax 07Pro and I also wanted to get serato. Getting a 57 is cheaper than buying a 56S and an SL1.
DJSOUP 3:22 AM - 17 November, 2009
a 57= is a sl3 and 56 not a sl1 56
RubixDigitales 3:30 AM - 17 November, 2009
Not quite, from memory the SL3 has a higher sample-rate and runs over USB 2.0. The 57 has the same sample rate as the SL1 and runs over USB 1.1
DJSOUP 1:30 AM - 23 November, 2009
I just cant decide what to get the 56s or 57 can I have the pros and cons from the 56s users and the 57sl users please
DJ'Que 4:58 AM - 23 November, 2009
the 57 is less wires to hook up and the 56 plus the sl1 is more. the 57 controls video, which if your not into yet you need to.coz video is going to blow up, and alot of club dj's will loose their gigs if their not.doing video.
DJSOUP 8:32 PM - 24 November, 2009
what up with rane corp nobody wants to promote the rane 57
O.B.1 8:51 PM - 24 November, 2009
they needn't promote it.
the '57 speaks for itself.
DJSOUP 9:09 PM - 24 November, 2009
shit it dont speak if u dont have one anybody can dress up a product even u
O.B.1 12:12 AM - 25 November, 2009
If you search there are a bunch of threads on here comparing the '57 with lots of other mixers. They go into great detail listing all the pro's and con's.
I read through just about all of them before I bought mine...
RubixDigitales 12:22 AM - 25 November, 2009
Hey DJ Soup... Why don't you just give up on this crappy thread!

You came here asking for advice and all you seem to do is abuse anyone who gives it!!! You seem to switch between pretending to know everything to admitting that you know nothing.

You already have a SL1 and a really good mixer (Rane Empath). If it ain't broke don't fit it!

If you're after something more compact than a mixer connected to the SL1, then grab the 57.

Both the 56S and the 57 are good mixers, so is the empath, whether the 56S is THAT much better than the Empath to warrant coughing up all that extra cash for it is questionable. I my opinion you're better off dropping an innoFADER into the Empath. However you seem intent on buying a new mixer so why don’t you…

DJSOUP 12:41 AM - 25 November, 2009
thanks o b 1 @rubix let me set u straight bro i dont know about shit i dont have thats way i ask i know about what I have....... looking for pros and cons from users dick head I dont pretend
RubixDigitales 12:50 AM - 25 November, 2009
Rane 56S:
Pros: a good solid mixer
Cons: doesn't have serato built in

Rane 57SL
Pros: a good solid mixer
Cons: comes with serato built in
O.B.1 2:17 AM - 25 November, 2009

Cons: comes with serato built in

how is that a con?

-unless you mean it costs a bit more...
RubixDigitales 4:36 AM - 25 November, 2009

Cons: comes with serato built in

how is that a con?

-unless you mean it costs a bit more...

dohreimee 7:50 AM - 25 November, 2009
im in the same court as u bro, tryin to choose between 56s and the 57...

i might go for the 57 only because of the video control, i already have a midi controller so the 56s with sl1 & midi is a good combo but as Dj`Que said "the 57 controls video, which if your not into yet you need to.coz video is going to blow up, and alot of club dj's will loose their gigs if their not.doing video"...gotta think about the future when your spending that much on a mixer...and for me, an extra $500 isnt that big a deal, especially if im going to regret buying the 56s in a years time cause i want video control.

will still need to buy a effects unit though.