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MAC - How to Convert multiple video Files using Automator and Quicktime Pro

radikarl 4:55 PM - 30 August, 2009
MAC - How to Convert multiple video Files using Automator and Quicktime Pro
this is mac only, sorry pc guys.

scratchlive should be able to play everything quick time plays.
but unfortunately, some file types are not supported by sl and itunes, for example mpg, m2v, mkv and so on.
with the right plug ins, they play in quick time.
avi files are ok for sl but not for itunes.
so this little hint helps you to get your files into itunes and by that way into vsl the fast way

first option is to store original in a safe place, open it in quick time pro, save ... as reference..., load reference file to itunes, and never ever touch original again
that way you can play even mpegs in sl, if you have the corresponding quick time plug in.
no conversion needed, no loss of quality

if you ever accidentially delete the referenced movie, the reference becomes worthless.
dirty trick, might be less stable

second way is as follows
(Get Quick Time Pro)
(Get Perian)
(Get Mpeg Component for Quick Time)
(get any other component that helps you playing the files you want in quick time)

Get this Automator action:

open automator
import action mentioned above
add action "read files" to workflow
add action "flatten movies" to workflow
drag your avi's, mpeg's or whatever quicktime can read to the first action
choose destination folder on second action
klick play
enjoy results in itunes and video sl

fast for big amount of files to be converted
real conversion, no tricks here
works for 99% of all files. but some might crash.
you might lose some quality due to reencodeing

one more thing to mention
you might have to save one video file manually with quick time first, and do it well.
this is to ensure the right settings are picked by the automator script, since it assumeably just picks the most recent (not sure on this, worked immedieately for me but i did conversions with qt before.)

and remember to only use files you own the rights for.
a-swift 2:24 AM - 31 August, 2009
interesting proposition
radikarl 4:47 PM - 31 August, 2009
doesn't work as well as it looked
a-swift 6:53 PM - 31 August, 2009
I batch encoded 5000+ videos using ffmpeg and a perl script that I wrote. The script also demuxed the videos to normalize audio, encode to mp4 and automatically tag the
file. It works awesome and I've had to re-encode my library a couple times as I've discovered better encoding settings and got faster laptops (which support higher bitrate encoding)
itchie 7:14 AM - 1 September, 2009
a-swift, how feasible is it that ffmpeg will be able to decode ProRes 422 soon...?
a-swift 7:29 PM - 1 September, 2009
Not likely. Prores must be licensed if I remember right. Even if ffmpeg could license it, they probably would not be allowed to distribute it. Decode only might be different though. I've never looked into it
Laxrefworm 7:33 AM - 1 September, 2017
The QuickTime Player application in the Pro version of QuickTime behaves very nicely: it allows you to start an export, then close the source movie, open another one, start another export, etc. This is good for overnight jobs, especially when exporting using that cool H264 codec takes quite some time. You can learn how to do the batch conversion in this thread Or you can try wondershare or HD Crack which also supports multiple file conversion. Within 3 steps.
1. Add your files to the interface one by one drag them together.
2. Select the output you need.
3. Begin conversion process.
Pay attention, a crack version may ask you for an activation key