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Control shift delete ?

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
DJCaleb 4:07 AM - 17 July, 2006
Will control shift delete move my audio files to the trash. I found the database files and that fixed my mess I had imported. Unfortunately my friend that has SSL suggested pressing control shift delete. This morning I noticed I had 6000 audio files in the trash? that kinda freaked me out.
Konix 4:33 AM - 17 July, 2006
Yes, control+shift+delete will move files into the trash/recycle bin. To just remove files from SSL but not from the hard drive use just control+delete.
DJCaleb 4:53 AM - 17 July, 2006
Good to know :) Thanks

and THANKS for the help DJ PSP i mean Work! You owe me a shot now :P
louisv14 5:22 AM - 17 July, 2006
I've been doing ctrl+Apple+Delete. What's the difference between deleting your songs from ssl and the hard drive??? I'm new son that's why I'm asking. Thank YOu!!!
Konix 5:50 AM - 17 July, 2006
Son? I hope you ment so.

Well, if you delete from your SSL library only, then the file is just that, removed from SSL but still on the computer's hard drive. If you delete from the hard drive, then poof, no more song on computer. Gone, vanished. Well it's not gone for good until you empty the trash/recycle bin, but get the point now?
louisv14 1:15 AM - 21 July, 2006
got ya boi!!! Good lookin' out
DJCaleb 8:42 AM - 21 July, 2006
Thanks for the help Konix, looks like I'm good to go! First show tonight I hope all goes well.
Jon Blak 5:23 PM - 21 September, 2006
I deleted corrupt songs from my HD and they still turned up in my SSL library