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M4M 7:00 PM - 17 February, 2020
A great program but find it would be nice to have an adjustable GUI..I find it too small in my DAW..just a thought..also, it would be amazing if you can drag the samples from the 32(yes!) buttons directly into the DAW..Thank you Serato!
functionform 12:29 AM - 27 February, 2020
First of all let me say a HUUUGE APOLOGY to Serato. I griped and griped, but you guys came through and updated SS. Thank you so much.

That said, yes please a resizable gui would be great. I keep my 3840 x 2160 res at max and it helps with everything, music, motion graphics, video, 3d modeling, browsing etc. The arturia plugins play really nicely with resizing would love it if you guys could do something similar with resizing. It would really help when dealing with non-normalized samples as well. It takes me out of my flow to have to leave my program just to normalize something because it shows up too small in SS.

Thanks a bunch for releasing this update.
Adam Hebrew 10:03 AM - 21 March, 2020
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