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Serato Sample 1.2 Update

Ti Dav' 2:47 PM - 10 February, 2020
Hello everyone,

I use Serato Sample with FL Studio and I just want to know if the 1.2 update is gonna make the projects I started with the first version irrecoverable, or will they just integrate perfectly with this new one.

Thank you very much

PS : Sorry if my english is incorrect, I'm french
Pavol Markovič 5:32 AM - 11 February, 2020
Hi Ti Dav'

Serato Sample 1.2 should load all your existing projects made with previous Sample releases and preserve all settings.
But previous Serato Sample releases won't be able to load projects made with version 1.2.

Hope this helps,
Ti Dav' 12:58 PM - 11 February, 2020
Okay thank you Pavol, that's some good news.
Guess it's time to work now ! ;-)