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Serato Sample no longer locates saved samples

CharlieMumbles 8:52 PM - 6 February, 2020
I have been using Sample for about a year and have made a lot of music with the program. I recently turned my computer off for a few days. When I came back to open a Maschine project, Sample could not locate samples that are in the same location they had been before I shut down my computer. Now I am forced to manually load every sample. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what I can do to have Sample locate samples automatically as it use to.
Pavol Markovič 5:45 AM - 8 February, 2020
Hi CharlieMumbles,

sorry for the inconvenience. This shouldn't be happening unless the files have been moved or the disk drive has been renamed. Are your files store on your system drive or external one? Have you made any software updates between restarts?

Kind regards,
Manic Jackson 4:31 AM - 9 February, 2020
This literally happens with everything i use sample in on my ableton setup. Its frustrating and it makes me want a refund. 100 dollar software i don't dare use in case i come up with something good its definitely going to be lost.
Manic Jackson 4:32 AM - 9 February, 2020
The cool thing is you don't even have to do anything Serato just takes it upon itself to delete your work. Great program guys.