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BPM and beatgrids.

deejayjjohnblaze 6:24 AM - 29 December, 2019
Yo we really need to be able to change the OG bpm of the sample. We need beatgrids too.
Loopman 8:42 AM - 15 February, 2020
yeah beatgrid would be great so I don't have to render my sample then quantize it.. and if I decide I need to change something in Sampler - DAMN - I got to do the quantize again
Manji 8:47 AM - 23 February, 2020
We mentioned this in the 1.2 Beta forum and they said they'd look into it. Nothing changed. Sample's detection is anything but "flawless" and I'm baffled why this still isn't a priority for Serato to sort out.

32 pads are irrelevant if the detected BPM is wrong in the first place.
babyblue 5:04 PM - 6 March, 2020
i am dissapointed with 1.2, it seems to me, that the slice detection has become worse than before, i doesn't deliver acceptable results. I have a loop 2 bars with good transients, but serato sample is producing only a few slices, some of them on top of the other
Mike Diesel 3:28 AM - 18 March, 2020
I agree, this is worthless without the correct BPM to start with, who cares how many pads there are?