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No MIDI Mapping??

TheDiscordian 11:22 PM - 21 November, 2019
I just bought this software because of the sale, long time Serato user and I've been really impressed with Serato Studio. I'm shocked to find that there is such minimal MIDI implementation in the software. I can't choose the MIDI channel I want to use. I can't automate any of the parameters, which turns this software from something that I thought would be very amazing to something very MEH. Majorly disappointed.
Pavol Markovič 8:22 PM - 22 November, 2019
Hi, Serato Sample is not a standalone application and (as a plugin) its purpose is to extend functionality of a host audio app. The communication with MIDI devices is limited to what host decides to pass to the plugin. The MIDI channel selection is commonly one of the responsibilities of the host.

Sample provides host with list of automatable parameters that can be operated through the host interface and you can create the MIDI to parameter mappings (if host provides such functionality).
Donelsmokes 5:52 AM - 23 November, 2019
change the 16 to 32 chops @pavol @serato please .
CritiKAL 5:53 AM - 23 November, 2019
I've created a transpose rule within Reason 11 to have 2 serato samples to activate 1-16 and another to activate 17-32. When i transpose to a 17th sample, serato sample says that I'm out of range. Is there a setting within the plugin to bypass the the midi mapping lock of C1 to E2?
Pavol Markovič 12:15 PM - 23 November, 2019
Hi CritiKAL, your approach to overcome the limit of pads is sound. In Logic and Ableton Live (and probably other hosts) it's possible to create multiple instrument/MIDI tracks with instances of Serato Sample plugin and apply note filtering and transposition on each of those tracks to create a kind of virtual MIDI splitter.

As an example:
Track 1 with set note range from C1-D#2 (16 semitones)
Track 2 with set note range from E2-G3 (16 semitones) and transposition -16 semitones
With both tracks armed for recording, a single input MIDI device can send notes with range C1-G3 to trigger pads on 2 Sample instruments, simulating a single instrument with 32 pads.

There are at least 2 limitations:
1. Mono mode is not shared across instances (starting a note in range of one instance will not stop currently playing note of other instance), a workaround is to use hold mode.
2. If the audio host does not have support for note filtering, the instrument will display those note "out of range" messages. Those do not interfere with the instrument operations.

Unfortunately I have very little experience with Reason to even guess how to achieve note filtering and transposition.

As of the current version of Serato Sample – 1.1.1 – the root note in the instrument is fixed and cannot be reassigned.
TheDiscordian 5:32 PM - 23 November, 2019
Hi, thank you for the reply. I was hoping to be able to automate parameters like level, filter, attack, decay, reverse, sample key shift, sample time stretch, all of the things that are the main part of the Serato Sample interface. Much like is possible in nearly any other plugin on the market as well as Serato Studio. Am I missing something here? I would love to find out that I am just being foolish and all the common parameters are indeed automatable! The MIDI channel thing isn't a deal breaker but it's an option in other plugins and useful for setting up hardware controllers with Logic.

This plugin would be a game changer for me if I could use it the way I use the Sampler in Serato Studio. If I can't automate then it's pretty much dead weight. Hope I'm wrong!
Pavol Markovič 6:55 PM - 23 November, 2019
I share your frustration with MIDI mapping of Serato Sample in Logic, there's a known plugin limitation – missing parameter touch notification – that prevents controller assignments mapping. Fortunately there's a workaround to do the assignments in the parameter view of Serato Sample window:
1. Show the plug-in window header by clicking the icon at the top-right corner of the window
2. Switch to the parameter view by choosing "Controls" from "View" menu in the right side of the window header
3. You should see a scrollable list of Sample's automatable parameters
4. When you click on a value of parameter it sends the touch notification and should be available for controller assignment. Check in the top menu "Logic Pro X" > "Control Surfaces" > Learn Assignment for ... if your parameter is available here. (Default shortcut for learning is Cmd+L)
5. Choose Learn Assignment (Cmd+L) followed by changing the MIDI controller value and the mapping should be created
6. Once finished the MIDI mapping you can switch back to default "Serato Sample" view to display UI. The mappings will persists.

Hope this helps.
TheDiscordian 7:09 PM - 23 November, 2019
Aaaaahhhh, you are a legend. I had seen those controls before I started the thread, but I guess I didn't scroll or something and I missed all the individual cue ones. Awesome! I'd still like to see automation for attack, decay, reverse, etcetera, perhaps a future update? This is a huge help, thank you so much! I hope this plug continues to be developed, it seems like it's on the threshold of being the hands down best sampler on the market, just needs a little more love!
TheDiscordian 6:58 PM - 24 November, 2019
Alright, I've been playing around quite a bit and I'm loving this. I'm thrilled now, albeit the solution a bit clunky. I'll just have to set up some templates. I still say that with just a few workflow features and options, Serato Sample would be the sampler killer of all time, it's almost there. Thank you for your help, I'm really enjoying this.
Pavol Markovič 7:17 PM - 24 November, 2019
Glad to help!

I'd like to know what is your typical (or main) use of the automation/hw mapping. Is it for automating parameter changes through the arrangement, or to have easier access to controls through hw controller? For example Attack / Release changes have currently effect only on next triggered sample and may not be typical choice for arrangement automation.

Thanks for your feedback!
TheDiscordian 8:01 PM - 24 November, 2019
I am using for both I suppose, but more to have access to controls through hardware mapping. I'm actually using external sequencers and just using Logic to house Plugins, sending CC's from other sequencers to lock steps with pitch changes and what not. One thing I would use the decay automation for example, is to automate the sample's decay with a random LFO to give it some spice for triggering a single hi hat and make it sound a little more human. I guess in theory this is like a hw controller since the automation is being generated outside of Logic.
Pavol Markovič 9:53 PM - 3 February, 2020
FYI, Sample version 1.2.0 now notifies DAW whenever you touch an automatable parameter in Sample UI, that should make the mapping much easier.
TheDiscordian 6:23 PM - 6 February, 2020
Great, that is very helpful, really loving the update and very happy to see some nice work being done. Velocity was HUGE! It's getting much closer, just need to be able to manually input wrongly detected BPMs and we are in business.