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'Filenames' within History - Information not listed

Dan Soulsmith 2:23 PM - 7 October, 2019
In Serato DJ, within History, no info is listed under the 'Filename' tab.

All filenames used to list there in Scratch Live...
When using Scratch Live, the procedure of exporting a tracklist from history; A single column of filename track info, copying and pasting that into a blog or facebook, - took seconds! Job done!

In Serato DJ, this info is now spread across the various tabs (artist, track, album, year etc)

I receive tracks from many sources (digital download shops / vinyl & CD rips / labels / promo distribution channels / unsigned tracks from artists)... The metadata (artist / title / release, etc) info is never uniform and often missing!

So I edit each track filename myself (artist / track title / release), for ease with relaying information over the mic, and posting tracklists after a show or live set.

If filenames were listed in Serato DJ, under the Filename tab in History, it would save me several HOURS of track-listing administration per month!
(The process of exporting a CSV file, editing columns within Word, copying and pasting to a note, then editing the text, then copying and pasting the final tracklist - is far too convoluted!)


Do Serato plan to list filenames again?

Is there a reason why this info is not listed?

Is there a way around this that doesn't involve renaming my 60,000 files, many with missing data?

Note: I would also use the online Live Playlists feature - if the 'Filename' column was listed there. But I would imagine that would involve a lot of time spent editing the tracklist info within there too.

Any suggestions from the Serato community may help too.

A frustrated DJ that would blog his tracklists for every show and live set (up to 4 per week) - if it was easier! ... IF!
Dan Soulsmith 7:26 PM - 16 October, 2019
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Dan Soulsmith 7:34 PM - 16 October, 2019
Thought I'd paste this here. Copied from email (2018)..........

Feb 17, 00:46 NZDT
Great to hear this news Kane!
Thanks for following it up, and letting me know.
Hopefully it won't be too long.

Feb 16, 13:58 NZDT

Hi Dan, I bought this back up with the products team for you the other day. This needs to be prioritized against the rest of the software backlog, but it is in there, and hopefully will be resolved in the (not too distant) future, but I can't give you any indication as to when this will be fixed.
Sorry for any inconvenience in the interim.
Kind Regards,
Kane Donaldson
Senior Product Specialist


Feb 10, 03:52 NZDT

This is a follow-up to your previous request #287001 "filenames not listing in hi..."
Hi, please see previous communications in the emails below..
Do you have any info as to when Serato DJ history will display 'filenames'?
Scratch live used to do this. Serato DJ does not.
I find this situation infuriating!
Ripped CD, and files of several other formats/sources don't contain artist/song/label info.
(I've got better things to be doing with my life than editing all metadata columns for artist, track title, label etc for 30,000 tracks, so renaming filenames ONLY has been enough for me over the last 15 years.)
However, when exporting history excel files it used to be easy to copy and past tracklists for my blog / radio station FROM THE FILENAME EXCEL DOCUMENT COLUMN ONLY. This was a quick / easy task!
Now I would have to spend a great deal of time editing different file column info so that every track has the format of "artist-songtitle-label" = info that I need for my playlist text.
I love EVERYTHING about Serato! ....Apart from this issue which is a FRUSTRATING WASTE OF TIME!
Alternatively, please tell me that there is a very simple solution that I might be missing here.
Thanks, respect, regards, & sincerely
Dan Soulsmith 7:54 PM - 16 October, 2019
Here's another example of why this lack of 'filename' scenario is poor...

I broadcasst my live radio show today, where I did an 8 track live mix of brand new tunes sent to me by artists, labels and promo distribution services, but I didn't announce the track info on the mic during the mix, because I wanted to concentrate on mixing.
After the mix, I opened up History in Serato, so that I could go back and relay the track info. However, despite me having my columns listed in a logical order, half of the information was missing.

'artist' - 4 listed within this column.
'name' (or song titles) - all 8 listed.
'album' (or EP, or compilation title) - 3 listed within this column.
'label' - 2 listed within this column.
'year' - 2 listed within this column.
'filename' - NOTHING LISTED

The filename is the only metadata that I edit - For tracklisting and verbally relaying information on a live radio show. I don't want to edit all of the above columns - because I have a life!

If filenames were listed within History I'd be able to do my job properly, and EASILY relay track information to listeners, while also representing the record labels and artists that also can't be bothered to input their track metadata properly.