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Serato 2.1 Audio Distortion and USB dropout warnings when using the Sampler

nevins303 10:16 PM - 8 January, 2019
HI Recently upgraded to Serato 2.1 and updated firmware on my Rane 72 to match
when triggering samples from the sample player the audio distorts and usb dropout lights occur, this stops when the sample is stopped , i can replicate the problem.

I'm using a 2015 MPB with 16GB Ram
i can replicate this issue with external drive and using tracks directly on the hard drive

I also own a pioneer S9 but are yet to test this issue on this mixer

has anyone else experienced similar issues? I'm hoping i don't need to roll back as need the newer version for the additional rane 72 functionality
The Return of Dj Sparky 10:30 PM - 8 January, 2019
8.5/10 for your profile pic,

have you tried using a previous version like 2.0,

2.1 is buggy as hell, as i just discovered as it fucked up my files yet again
nevins303 10:45 PM - 8 January, 2019
thanks sparky ;) back at ya griswald !!!

yeah i normally rename so program so i can use the previously version if i get issues
kinda of committed to use 72 extra features now, I've been victim of the file F@@king too as this was happening in previous version