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Serato HID Problem

Mr. Goodkat 3:30 AM - 8 January, 2019
so ive had this happen a couple times. if i have everything hooked up in HID and try to even un maximize the serato dj window, it completely throws everything off to the point that there is about 1-1.5 second lag. it was at the end of the gig, but even lining up the center display doesnt make the audio sync.

wondered if this is well known problem.

this happened at home but i did it out on saturday. Generally i use time code with scratch live so this doesnt happen but i used hid on sat and it happened.

another thing i notice when in HID, is when searching, the wav forms get buggy(like pre crash) but if i put the cursor back in the search window it stops. Other times it doesnt do it, but its about 50% of the time.
BOOGIEFROMCUR 3:45 PM - 8 January, 2019
Hi Goodkat, you dont give a lot of details of your set-up but HID related problems usually occur if
A your'e NOT using a POWERED hub (in case you were putting them on a non powered hub).
B Your USB cable is not good
C Your laptop dos not have enough RAM
D You're setup is not UPDATED.

Suggestion: Try pulling out ONE cable and see if it works well with just one, trouble check from there.
Mr. Goodkat 7:11 PM - 8 January, 2019
a-d is fine, i just assumed it might be a common bug or happening
DJ JulioYEG 2:06 AM - 11 January, 2019
try using one hid cdj and one hid mixer does it still work
BOOGIEFROMCUR 12:36 PM - 11 January, 2019
Hi DJ Julio YEG, I saw another of your questions about record pools, drop me a mail on and I will probably be able to help you out.
My whatsapp is +5 999 5609400
Mr. Goodkat 6:07 PM - 11 January, 2019
try using one hid cdj and one hid mixer does it still work

it worked all nite, it just happened about 3 hours in. i just went back to using the time code w a usb stick.

its a cool concept to use but its such a pain to hook up and use that usb hub and 3 usb cables.
BOOGIEFROMCUR 7:35 PM - 11 January, 2019
Hi Mr Goodkat,
If you owe SERATO DJ PRO (thus the paid version) you can walk in at any club with the newer type pioneer set-ups, hookup your usb cables (with a powered link box of course) without touching their already connected rca or network link cable and have your serato work like a charm.
USB from pioneer nexus mixer to laptop, HID USB out from pioneer players to powered USB link, from there one cable to laptop, press link, turn the selector knob on the mixer, and you're up and running SERATO PRO with even the possibility to do videomixing.
I have mine really streamlined with light emiting USB cables for extra safety and really the only pain is usually extra electricity outlets, which also I carry a special powerstrip for.
You need that extra power outlet anyway for your laptop.
If you think that is a pain you probably never carried crates or even CD maps.
Mr. Goodkat 8:08 PM - 11 January, 2019
bro i know what im doing, ive been at it far longer than you have, thanks for the help though
DJ JulioYEG 12:59 AM - 13 January, 2019
Hi DJ Julio YEG, I saw another of your questions about record pools, drop me a mail on and I will probably be able to help you out.
My whatsapp is +5 999 5609400

i have 2 pool memberships. wrong person but I appreciate the help g.
DJ JulioYEG 1:04 AM - 13 January, 2019
personal gear or club? also what mixer. I have a couple solutions for you. One could be firmware on the cdjs. and the second is run ur dominant cdj hid depending on if your a scratcher or mixer it will vary. and run the non dominant cdj in timecode.
Mr. Goodkat 9:22 PM - 13 January, 2019
its done it with a rane 62 and pioneer djm srt900.

with my 900 nxs or 2000 nxs mk1. firmware updated on both.

not sure what the deal is. i replicated it again last nite and it seems like it works for about 2 hours then starts going wonky.

its all good ill just used time code always works.

so ready to go all usb sticks and end this serato dj game. also why i used scratch live.

im not saying smc fan control is the end all be all for reliability, but sdj pro runs my computer at least 30 degrees warmer than scratch live.

i dont have the problem with dvs, but i do with pioneer players.
DJ JulioYEG 10:51 PM - 13 January, 2019
i had to use timecode on cdjs and a s9 this weekend lol had to put the 4 bar loop like back in the day