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American audio MX-1400

dj p steph 12:54 AM - 2 August, 2018
Hello guys ,I need Help .. 2 weeks ago , I paid the mixer american audio mx 1400, cause it has a lot of good things , effects, and more and more and more. I also have 2 dc players american audio Radius 1000, But because I use serato scratch , I only need one cd player ( just one because my macbook is a mac OS X 10.6 and I dont know how to upgrade , and I have an SL1) The problem is I DONT KNOW HOW TO CONNECT WITH THE MX 1400, I tried and tried , made some researches on youtube, google and more . Can someone help me on this case please? thx
popnwave 2:32 AM - 2 August, 2018
Connect it to what?

You'd run the SL1 to it using 2 different channels (one for each deck in Scratch Live).
dj p steph 3:10 AM - 2 August, 2018
the SL1 'S connected to my cd player and to my computer and to the mxr 1400
dj p steph 3:10 AM - 2 August, 2018
...i mean ... even connecting an MP3 , i have zero sound
dj p steph 3:17 AM - 2 August, 2018
and I m trying to contact but the website says TEXT LENGHT DOES NOT SATISFY SPECIFIED TEXT RANGE :(
djbanno 10:56 PM - 2 August, 2018
Download and read the SL1 manual here --->
That should sort you out :)