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Is there Any Way To Tighten Loose Knobs On My Controller?

Lorcan Doherty 2:38 PM - 24 June, 2018
I have a sb2 that has been through some use by this point, so bad that most of the knobs are very wiggly and loose which is frustrating to use. The knobs tend to be able to tilt in every direction as they are not firmly secured.

Is there any temporary fix to this problem? I'm saving up for sx2's so I have to make do with these until then, although it dosen't let me rest easy at gigs!

Thanks :)
djbanno 5:27 AM - 26 June, 2018
Try this:
Remove the loose knob from the post and try putting a small square of cigarette paper or similar (paper only) over the bare post (centre of the square over the top of the post) and then push the knob back on the post. Experiment with different thickness paper until you get the desired effect.
Either that or try Chroma Caps for some aftermarket freshies.
Good luck.