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What's that beat!!!

BIG ROG 8:28 PM - 11 June, 2018
All right y'all, this is killing me!!! I have a million Beats and I can't remember what this one is called. I should know it because I've used it a number of times but I'm drawing a serious blank. Somebody help me out!!! Pleeeease!!!!

The 1st one that Sinista drops
siroc5 12:04 AM - 15 June, 2018
Gotta be kidding me that is the theme from SWAT!!!
siroc5 12:06 AM - 15 June, 2018

At the 1:39 mark
DJ Unique 1:38 AM - 15 June, 2018
Check Google
BIG ROG 5:40 PM - 15 June, 2018
Y'all killin' me! I feel like I should take my turntables down to Goodwill and take up shuffleboard or finger painting. You have no idea how hard it was to ask the question! I know I knew it but I just went brain-dead...